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Discussion in 'The Intelligence Cell' started by VarSity, May 29, 2008.

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  1. Hi there,

    Just been having a chat with a woman from work, turns out a member of her family passed away last month and whilst sorting through bits and bobs they have found a George Cross complete with ribbon all framed in a wall hanging.

    Now my friend is fairly sure the medal did not belong to their relative who passed away, but may have belonged to either another family member.

    Basically she has no idea whose it is, but she would love to find out.

    It’s currently mounted in a frame, if she removed it would it have some details stamped on it somewhere?
    Can she contact someone and get the back story of the medal, and find out who it was issued to and why?
  2. Linky

    Also includes a database of recipients
  3. Excellent,

    Thank you for that link. My friend is fairly sure she has already found the person she is looking for.

    Think you all just made her day.
  4. Jumping on the Band Wagon....Begin

    My Grandfather was awarded the MM in WWII for being in the wrong place at the right time. Is there a simillar site where i can route out the back story and perhaps a copy of the citation? I would really like to pull something together for his 90th birthday and this would be a fantastic thing for his GrandChildren to see and read.

    He was a bit of a lad when he was younger and was there when Mussonlini was strung up.

    Any help would be appreciated.
  5. I have used The National Archives which
  6. Thanks, found what I needed.
  7. I like this one! Not bad earning a GC at age 11.

    No. & Rank at the Time of Action: 11 year old Schoolgirl (later Mrs Ashburnham-Ruffner)


    Date and Place of Birth: 13th May 1905, Ashburnham Hall, Sussex

    Family: Grand daughter of Sir Anchitel Ashburnham of Broomham, Sussex. Daughter of Lawrence ‘Tufty’ Ashburnham. Married in February 1945 Sydney Jackson Ruffner (Burke's Peerage). Had one daughter Djinn. Mother was Rosalie Winifred Nee Barnard (Burke's Peerage).

    Early Life: Lived on Vancouver Island

    Date and Place of GC Action: 23rd September 1916, Vancouver Island, Canada

    The London Gazette: 21st December 1917
  8. edited for mongness!
  9. Well, are you going to spill the beans? What did he do?
  10. I take it she didn't win the GC at the time as it was only established in 1940. Did she exchange her EGM or someother such award?
  11. He was part of the italian resistance (originally POW but escaped in to Italy) and was basically a pain in the backside for about two years prior to Mussolinis downfall. As I said, he was there when the little man was strung up in the town square.

    He lived with an Itialian family during his time there and was so 'in character' that he even thought in Italian. When he tried to return via the UK lines he was arrested and placed in a British POW camp because he could not prove who he was (Sgt AAC). It took four weeks before someone would listen and, as he had been posted KIA, a further week before he was cleared to come back to the UK.
  12. Converted from Albert Medal, not Albert Cross as described in the fascinating story here.