George Clooney’s Singing Waitress helps raise funds for ABF

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This Christmas stunning jazz singer Victoria Hart has released a version of the timeless classic Santa Baby in a bid to raise funds for the ABF.

Victoria shot to fame as the “Singing Waitress” after George Clooney heard her sing in a London restaurant and invited her perform at a benefit party in front of top Hollywood guests including Brad Pitt and has since gone on to release a debut album and toured with the likes of Russell Watson.

“The Soldier’s Charity was an easy choice. I am only 19 years old and there are soldiers younger than me out in the war zones. I would never have the strength of character to be able to do what they are doing but I have been given a voice!

“Since recording Santa Baby with the Guards Big Band, I have literally had thousands of messages through MySpace, emails and letters from the wives and children of servicemen who won’t make it home for Christmas - just to say thank you.”

- Victoria Hart
Recorded with the Household Division Big Band, Santa Baby will be available to download on itunes from 8 December, and on general release on 15 December and is looking to be a serious contender for the Christmas Number One slot! So buy the single, support the Soldiers’ Charity and spread the word!

See the video on the ABF website!

Buy the single here!
Bump! I'm loving this........ obviously now have someone to fill the yawning, black void in my life since Miss Jenkins announced she was off to America! Go ABF!

Available on itunes now and an antidote to that self serving, oily, smug, self-satisfied sod Cowell and his attempt to reengineer British television for his own ends with a manufactured Christmas No1.

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