George Challete 85 Walt

Posted again as I had deleted the photo.
Hopefully his hand was raised to give you a good clip round the lughole.

I suspect that this is revenge for some sort of 'unnatural' sexual act visited on you by the the old soldier. No doubt you'll be a little more circumspect when invited up to bed-sits to view air-fix model collections.
i would say it would be easy to check if he is genuine as he has a Royal Victorian Medal and second award clasp he shpould be listed on the London Gazzette website, the group of medals make it look like a bloke who served at least 3 years at home in WW2 then malaya or cyprus has an LS+GC and an MSM all the jubilee and corination medals and the RVM sugest someone who worked for the royal household and the third row look like buy it yourself bling or johnny forigner gizits
The top four may be kosher though I dont know the first. The lower stack are likely bought bling but worn 'properly' below the real ones.

Defence and War Medals suggest Home Front 1939-1945, no campaign stars so if he's not kosher he's keeping it modest. Walts don't do modest, just like many walthunters don't do cautious. SOP; bloke with medals = Walt. What provision have you made for apologising to the old boy if you are wrong?

Talking of fantasists, is this you mullen18?
Definitely a walt. He's got a ACSM which wasn't issued until around 1992 and a QGJM which wasn't issued until 2002. Even if he did serve he's a walt.
where is the ACSM then Fally? I see RVM with second award clasp, Defence Medal, War Medal 1939-45, GSM, 1953 Corination Medal, 1977 Jubilee Medal, 2002 Jubilee Medal, MSM, LS+GC and 5 I cant ID but look like buy it your self bling. dont care weather he is a walt to be honest just medal spoting, I will leave it to mullen18 to get all arsey over it he should be easy to find on the LG website if MSM's are published on there a possible 3 enteries with an unusuall sir name

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