George Brough - RIP

Unfortunately on Saturday a good friend and collegue was involved in a hit and run situation. From the police report he was leaning into his car when hit by a vehicle, the vehicle failed to stop after hitting him. A VM in the REME for a good 20 years. He leaves behind a wife and three children, one of the most decent people I have ever met.

This has been on my local news. If I recall rightly the have arrested a man in his fifities and are questioning a woman in her fifties.They never mentioned anything more than his name. RIP
Just been on my local news which says the victim is a Stephen Brough aged 38. A man in his fifties and a woman in her sixties have both been arrested for causing death by dangerous driving in Ilkeston.
I have known George since basic VM training at Bordon in 1988, we were both then posted to 1 Corps Troops Workshop in Bielefeld. We have been friends since and have always visited each other no matter where posted, I have drunk more beer with him than I care to remember and he was a true mate. I have been with his family since this senseless incident trying to do my bit to help but it just doesn't feel enough. If you met George you would know he was an extremely likeable guy who was an excellent tradesman (but hated paperwork....Lol) and that he lived for his family. I cannot believe I'm never going to hear that "Nottinghamshire" accent saying "Eh up me duck" or something equally as strange. George was looking forward to being posted to RAF Honnington for his last 2 years of service especially as it was closer to home.

My deepest condolences go to Caroline, Chelsey, Ryan and Addyson......

Words don't seem enough right now but rest easy my friend......we'll meet again for another beer or 2 and a barbeque.

RIP George.

Served with george in Armagh Stn LAD, a thoroughly nice bloke and a sad loss.

my sincerest condolences to his family. my thoughts are with you.

RIP ma' duck
Just recieved the sad news about Steve...It seems I was his Executor for his Will. I am hoping he is still with Caroline Ann.

Can anyone confirm this.
Also does anyone know the outcome of the Hit and Run?
If thats the George Brough I think it is he went out on a foot patrol in Bosnia in 96/97 came back with a goat, SSM Sh*t bricks over the incident. Called it Stella feed it the contents of the ashtrays in the bar.

hi troops...

i am sgt stephen broughs son and was thier when he was killed outisde my house. i am 17 and plan to go into the reme or engineers after sandhurst.

today the court issued a pathetic sentence of 15 weeks in prison of which he will probably be released early,

if any of you know can use my email address to contact me that would be fantastic. i would love to hear from you guys who knew him.

he loved his job even though a lot of the time some of you with less comense sense annoyed him haha

i really appreciate your inout into this page about him

look forward to hearing from you

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