George Blake - Traitor or Cictim?


Hearing about George Blake on radio 4, i was wondering if the 'brainwashing' he is supposed to have been subjected too after capture by the NK's is still going on - in that he has been 'brainwashed' into believing he was not tortured, that he is not a traitor, that he has not done wrong etc.. i know he's written books and such, and the appears to believe that he's done what he's done since capture because it was his idea, and the right thing to do - but is it really, is he still a POW subject to the treatment of the enemy, just in a flat in Moscow instead of a Chinese cage?

does the brainwashing wear off, was it actually effective?

cheers - sorry for the initial empty post - 2yo's think its fun to climb onto daddys desk...


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Giorgi Ivanovich Bekhteris, as he prefers to be known, is believed to have exposed the identities of hundreds of Western agents across Eastern Europe during the 1950s, some of whom were executed as a result of his treason.
Blake and Philby have simply spent years wallowing in the shit of their (ex- LOL!) soviet exile and feebly trying to justify themselves. I don't think brainwashing had anything to do with their treason - more like the typical hypocritical self-delusion of middle class lefties. Today, instead of spying for Russia, people like this are in government.

I was in Moscow when Philby gave an interview to the Moscow Times. In it, he lamented the things he missed about England: marmalade, cricket matches, cultural life, etc. He didn't seem to grasp that he had tried to convert that vision of "England" into a soviet hell. I used to regret that he and the others hadn't seen the end of a rope; after the interview I thought it was profound justice that he was effectively in jail (an OAP's life in Russia is pretty bad) and barred from the country he tried to destroy.

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