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Do you agree George Best is a MONG of the year 2003 ?

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i herby nominate George Best

MONG of the year 2003
for wasting a liver, fcuking his life up and doing the dirty on his wife .

vote if you agree
The problem with George is that he had too much, too young and has never grown up.

What a waste. :(


He's just one of many many people making a fabulous job of messing up their lives with alcohol abuse.
The forces always were an ideal environment to get the heavy and binge drinking patterns well established young.
At least George Best was once at the top of his profession..and it's a very public face on a common story.
Sobriety, faithfulness and Moderation don't happen by accident..they require self respect, restraint and discipline (even more so with an addictive personality).
You have my George Best and all other total wasters who selfishly take take take use use use at the expense of others.
George Best is probably not the first and won't be the last to have a transplant and fall of the wagon!! We are only aware of it because he is famous. So the guy has messed up, he is dealing with it in his own way. Same as we all do. I mean how many footballers have booked themselves into the rehab clinics in the past? He is not alone...

Can't see how he could cheat on his missus though!!!


the thing is a MAN died so george best could have a liver when in my opinion that liver should have gone to someone more deserving as it is, its wasted and depriving a more worthy person of a liver who may be dead now or on deaths door because somebody got a little more cash and famous snatched it and went to a private clinic .....i say take it off him while its still ok and give it to a child/genuinly ill person
Tyhe fact that he got that liver would of been a medical one and NOT because of who he is. He would of been top of the list and when the liver became avaliable it would of been shown on the NATIONAL organ donor register with the next most suitable person recieving it irrespective of who they are and how much they paid for the stay in hospital. It just so happened it was a perfect match for him and he was top of the list. The same could happen for Joe Bloggs in the street if it was suitable he would have got and not Best. If you want to make a difference then register as an organ donour more of us are needed.
As far as I am aware the donor supplier was already dead, don't think they had to murder him just to give the liver to George Best. As said earlier he was at the top of the list, so it was him next.

I don't agree with him going off the rails again but it's his choice if he wants to get scootered every night and kill himself.

Still think I would have stayed sober if I was married to his wife !! :lol:
heis an alcholic he hits women he has a beard .all reasons to make him a taxes were wasted keeping that piece of shit alive . Thought
major surgery like that was a life changing experince. Not in georges case same old same old .If people can specify that their organs not to go to ethnics. I can specify mine not go to alcholics or paracetmol overdoses
(delibrate or accidental either means you too stupid to live)
Yes we only know about him because he once played football and been drunk probably all my life but if he was joe bloggs i would still despise him.According to equal opptunties i can still despise stupid people :evil:

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