George Best

Discussion in 'The NAAFI Bar' started by liz_the_nurse, Oct 3, 2005.

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  1. He's fu**ed this time and he deserves it!! :(
  2. is he dead yet?
  3. Cutaway

    Cutaway LE Reviewer

    Buggrim !

    Olly Reed drank more for longer & on his original issue of liver & kidneys.

    (Why did that last bit sound like a recipie ?)
  4. right george best sweepstake. I have 3rd of june 2008
  5. too much time... with his current ailment I reckon one good, cold winter would see him off. I'll take 14 Feb 2006 (I'll allow him a couple of weeks to linger...)

  6. Agreed, but without the sad face. I find him a thoroughly unpleasant man who has taken the piss since the transplant that saved his life - what a kick in the teeth for the family of the donor. He was a decent footballer a long time ago, all he's done since then is drink, be unfaithful and indulge in little marital fisticuffs - I don't wish anyone dead but neither will I be praying for an extended time on Earth for him.
  7. wont be missed by me, waste of space and the transplant should have gone to somebody more worthy
  8. 07.11.05 somewhere about noon
  9. Wife beating, drink driving, talent wasting tw*t.


    About 2345Z
  10. But he did come up with a great quote " I've spent most of my money on Birds, Booze and Gambling - the rest I wasted"

    Top drills.
  11. The guys a cnut, I hope he dies lingering agony with a bottle of whisky just too far to reach for his last drink :twisted:
  12. I agree what a waste of a transplant!! I think this Xmas will be his last. He has totally ignored the advice of the medical staff and therefore deserves every thing thats coming to him.
  13. As someone who had a problem with drink in the past I think that, although he was lucky enough to get a liver transplant, there was no brain transplant! Believe me, alcohol is no respecter of common sense or intelligence. I wish him the best of luck.
  14. I'm banking on him kicking the bucket tommorow morning, waste of a transplant.