George Baker dies aged 80

He was a bit of a matinee idol in his younger days- 'The Moonraker' where he played a swashbuckling royalist, opposite Sylvia Sims keeps cropping up on TV.

I recall him playing a RAChD padre in some long-forgotten Frankie Vaughn national service film, called 'These Dangerous Years'.

I would think that he would have very likey served as a NS man himself.
A sad day. He lost his wife not so long ago and had to move into the Home in the village. Genial company at the bar of the Churchill, the Stage Post, the Bridge, the Green Dragon, the Drummer Boy, the King's Arms.........



I am sorry to read this. He was a tall and impressive bloke, was George. Back in something like 1997 we served him on his visits to a Leicestershire Health Spa. Comments from many, told he was held in very high regard just as his wife was. His bobbing up and down at the carvery as if to say "don't you know me"? caused a laugh.

He was rightfully pleased when we acknowledged him as Wexford. Perhaps akin to Richard Todd, in manners and presence, and John Motson. Gents, unaffected, memorable. The kind you don't forget.
I associate him more as Emperor Tiberius in the "I, Claudius" series. But such was his performance, that I was actually moved and sympathetic to the Tiberius that he played.
He was also preferred by Ian Fleming to play Bond rather than Sean Connery. Situations over a seven film studio contractural deal caused the Bond role to pass by. A very nice bloke. RIP

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