George Armstrong Custer

Discussion in 'US' started by cernunnos, May 19, 2009.

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  1. Dashing military genius!

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  2. Popularity chasing, impetuous and incompetent buffoon!

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  1. Its purely a matter of personal interest to me but how is the late cavalry general viewed in the states?
  2. Ah,

    He shot his horse in the head on a charge.

    Start here...
  3. Court Martialed for swanning off to see his wife whilst posted in the West, threw hissy claiming conspiracies over his exposure of Indian Agents gouging the Tribes of their supplies and whined about it until his death.
    Undoubtably a very brave but rash man who ignored advice and allowed infighting amongst his Officers to poison the atmosphere of his command.
    Apart from that a top bloke.
  4. And famous horse killer!
  5. That goes without saying. 8O

    However to be fair to the Septics I think eccentricity bordering on madness was a required qualifcation for Officers of all Nations during the 19th Century.
  6. When the American Civil War ended Custer was seen riding away from Appomattox Court House with the table the surrender papers were signed on strapped to his head. That should've been the first alarm bell right there. :D
  7. Sheridan had just bought it from the owner and gave it to Custer as a memento for his wife. Either that or Monty Python's Dinsdale Pirhana nailed it to his bonce for breaking the unspoken code.
  8. Pararegtom

    Pararegtom LE Book Reviewer

    Errol Flynn was good in the film.
  9. LancePrivateJones

    LancePrivateJones LE Book Reviewer

    He had lovely hair.
  10. I thought that the late Robert Shaw played Custer very well in "Custer of the West"it was supposed to be pretty close to fact
  11. My third poll option, that custer was a complete knob jockey with batty boy hair, didn't appear. By the time I noticed, it was to late to edit that area.
  12. I have been to crow agency MT, its a hell of a thorght provoking place. Even though custer funked up here, you have to give him credit for his efforts in his many other battles that he was involved in during the civil war. -------- At least the man had a go!!
  13. Arrse has a gremlin.


    During his glorious regin as super leader the long knives had murdered thousands of men women and CHILDREN.

    In a percetage argument it equates to the holocaust in europe.

    The sad thing is the native indi
    ans did not realise how strong and deadly they were.

    If ther indians had gone for the jugular the wonkers in washigton may well have signed a different treaty.

  14. True, The History is not flattering. Chivington at Sand Creek being very Heydrich like.

    The Original Settlement of Jamestown was Massacred in Virgina in 1622.

    How about the Enoch Brown Massacre where Indians scalped 14 children with tomahawks. 2 of the children survived the scalpings. Or maybe Susan King Cunningham,Beaten to death, Scalped and her Baby cut out from her.

    Drapers Meadow, the Corbly family Massacre, Fort Mims(500), Wyoming Valley (340) and thats not counting the thouusands of raids and killings of other tribes by Indians.

    Buffalo Hump of the Commanche at slaughtered children and women regularly.

    13 year old Matilda Lockhart, who had been beaten, tortured, her nose had been burned off and sexually assaulted was one of the captives freed from the Commanche. So it wasnt all one sided murder against indians riding Unicorns and eating Ice Cream.

    So you can think it was all one sided but your mistaken.

    But then you dont seem to let pesky things like facts get in your way.