Geordies - Champion Underpant Wearers

Gungythree said:
mistersoft said:
His mother must be so proud.
At least if he gets run over by a bus his mum will be happy that he has clean pants on :D

I''ve yet to see the scene in any of these shite medical soaps when one of the nurses or doctors at A&E says "Throw the cnut off the stretcher, he's got skid marks!"
Fusilier5039 said:
Not even a mackem, hes a chuffin sand dancer ..
Clearly the underpants are a cunning plan to prevent easy **** rape from the locals then. A heterosexual sand dancer???.. Goodness gracious me... what will they think of next?
I'm think of applying for a job at Guinness World Records, seeing as they're so shit at counting;

Gary Craig from Whitburn put on 211 pairs - 11 more than the current official record of 200.
It will take four to six weeks for the charity fundraising attempt to be verified by Guinness World Records.
Four to six weeks to verify the fact that 211 is in fact definitely a little bit more than 200?
vvaannmmaann said:
Mackems,Geordies,Sand Dancers?
I assume these are tribes found North of the M4?
Certaily are, direct decendents of the original Anglo Saxons.. unsullied by French DNA like the southern tribes of Essex, Sussex and Homosex.
DigitalGeek said:
InVinoVeritas said:
DigitalGeek said:
RIGRAT said:
Outdone by this bloke I reckon. Quality not quantity.
Bugger! There goes my vetting! :lol:
What do you mean... Isn't that your mess Dress?

I must admit there is a slight similarity! :lol:
I agree... though the mankini is a tad more stylish and the gentleman in the picture has a much more aesthetically pleasing physique than a certain Pagga champ I could mention. :D

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