Geordie wakes after stroke with new accent

Would you credit it? Mrs Walker wakes up from a coma and finds she has lost her Geordie accent and gained a Rasta one. Reported today in the DT. I'm a pad's brat and have no real accent to speak of. However, I would have said that Geordie and Rasta sound pretty similar anyway... you try saying 'beer can' out loud.. does that not sound like something you have with eggs for breakfast? Does it not also sound the same in Geordie / Rasta?
Heard her on the news last night. She still sounds like a geordie to me.

Many years ago the Sovs had a spy who was very badly compromised. As a punishment he was ordered to be the guinea pig for an IQ reduction machine, he was to be reduced from 140 (quite bright) to 100(about average). Very sadly Sergei was operating the machine and he became somewhat involved in the latest hot topic on ARRSE. By the time Sergei returned to the machine the IQ meter was reading 6. 'Gosh' thought Sergei (in Russian of course) 'I've killed him'. Stripping off the electrodes Sergei slapped him about the face and finally the chap woke up and shouted Howay the Lads.
Double your IQ at least mushroom, must be hard having to suffer the mendelian dominant trait that aflicts you "Untermensch" .
Back in the early 80's the father of a friend of mine who was Polish by birth used to work for the local council. He was involved in a road accident and taken to hospital. When he cam around a day later he could only speak Russian!
Needless to say he was shortly surrounded by Police and Men in Black.
What made things worse was that he had four or five bullet wounds that were easily identifiable courtesy of the Nazis.

Took ages to sort out the sh*t.

How we laughed.

Warrior - I have lived in Geordieland for the past 15 years, perhaps that's why my IQ has sunk so low, (either that or my fitness routine of 40 Woodbines and a gallon of Fed every day).

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