Geordie Storey

Discussion in 'REME' started by sparky8, Mar 30, 2009.

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  1. For all of those that are unaware, Mark "Geordie" Storey passed away this morning after suffering a brain haemmorage over the weekend.

    A great pal, prolific drinking partner and one of those annoying blokes that was both good at all sports and fit as ten men dispite his ability to neck copious amounts of ale!

    I think that rather than turning this into a RIP thread - any funny anecdotes about the man will be well received.

    My own personal favourite was on a lads tour of Benidorm in '96 when he broke the bed in the room next to me after being a top wingman and going along with my bird's very very overweight pal. That and standing on Number 1 court at Wimbledon in '96 singing rugby songs to 3000 punters which ended with Cliff Richard stealing our thunder!

    God bless mate
  2. I remember a couple adventure p*ss ups ie Newquay and Tenby! Less said the better!!! Though raiding the cookhouse for munchies is one!!!

    Top Bloke

    May your party continue!!
  3. I remember piss ups in the Monopole, Leeds and Newspaper bars in Dortmund, how the hell could he get so drunk, fight so hard then run a BFT the following morning. Larger than life and a legend in the radar world. RIP mate.
  4. I always appreciated his straight talking and the ability to put so much feeling into the stock answer "...because he/she's a bellend!"

    I hope it's not too sentimental to say I will attempt to work it into a conversation tomorrow as a tribute.
  5. RIP mate.
  6. I remeber when he took the SEE remedial PE lesson on a run around Arborfield and Finchampstead. As he was passing the Barkham Bull he made the class double on the spot while he popped in for a quick pint.

    Whether he only had one we'll never know.

    Absent friends, Geordie Storey.
  7. Is thius Georgie Storey I remember from my Rapier days?
  8. Yes, afraid so.
  9. B@stard let me beat him in a unit sports day 400m race... knowing full well I'd have to compete at the Corps champs a couple of weeks later. He will be missed by us all.

    Geordie, hope there's geet chebs everywhere up there! RIP
  10. RIP geordie!!!! hope theres a decent wksp bar up there mate!!! wot a bloke!!
  11. I do seem to recall that he did have the knack og getting absolutely hatracked and then be large as life the next day.

    RIP mate.
  12. A great loss, a great bloke, he taught me how to drink, but the secret of getting up the next day that he kept to himself. I'm gutted.
  13. I'm shocked and very saddened to hear about the loss of Geordie. He was the life and soul of any party, could drink like ten men and still be up at 0530 ready to run an eight miler. The guy was, and will remain a Corps legend. At least he'll be up there with plenty of Nookie Broon and plenty of reet good chebs. God Bless you mate.
  14. Shocked & saddened sums it up. Thoughts go out to his family.

    Geordie was always larger than life, one of the characters that makes the world more interesting. He had a wry comment to add to any bar conversation, or at least an observation about "The chebs on that..."
  15. Lost touch over the years and was shocked to get an e-mail this morning.

    Remember him being so keen for a p*ss up that he begged to be an usher at my wedding. He came, he ushed, he got p*ssed. Nuff said.

    Sharon & I are thinking about you & yours mate.