Geordie Rees

Discussion in 'Royal Signals' started by TheKnave, Jun 22, 2013.

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  1. Infamous man of the Corps, Colin "Geordie" Rees MBE, has sadly passed away earlier this week. A funeral service will be held at Poole Crematorium starting 1245 on Fri 28 Jun 13. This will be followed by a wake in Blandford Royal British Legion. Donations to the Royal Signals Benevolent Fund.
  2. Blimey.

    Doesn't seem like yesterday he was celebrating hs 40th and putting his own glass behind the George III bar. (although that was a fair while ago)

    He's been a fixture in Blandford Camp for years, although darts night just got safer!

    RIP Geordie.
  3. That's not him with the withered arm who used to work in the Armoury is it?

    Sorry, I'm not being a dick; if it is him, it's the only way I remember him from when I was on Phase 2.

    He seemed a good guy and seeing him 'saluting' used to cheer us trainees up no end.

    Certa Cito
  4. Funeral time has changed to 1030
  5. OMG - I knew Geordie for 4 years at Blandford!! RIP Sir. A legend!!! A glass will be raised tonite for you.
  6. What an absolute shame. Knew Geordie from my first posting in the very early 90's at 28 Sigs and then again for some time at Blandford. The story about him not taking physio to restore use to his arm is true but I think the motorbike crash and ensuing breakup of his marriage played a big part on that.

    A lovely, lovely bloke who's accent never diminished (can you imagine being in his home village??). I remember block jobs would invariably mean cleaning blood off a urinal that Geordie had attempted to take out with a well aimed drunken headbutt but you couldn't fault his work ethic nor his likeability and I always liked having a chat with him, even if it meant listening intently and then working hard to translate it!

    You will be missed mate. Now the Lord will have to get the right crypto in!!!!
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  7. So sad to hear about the passing of Geordie. I knew him at 280 Sig Sqn and also in Blandford. Northern1970 is right to highlight his back story, which was tragic to say the least. Like most of us Cold War warriors, he liked a drink or three, but who knows how his life (and career) would have panned out if it hadn't have been for the motorbike accident and the subsequent breakdown of his family life? Those events certainly had a huge impact on his later life and it is no understatement to say he was probably an alcoholic. However, he had a great capacity to rock up the next day and do his job - if you wanted the Armoury open at some God-forsaken time in the morning, you could normally rely on Geordie to do the business.
    I was delighted to hear of his award of the MBE a few years ago - some people not so much, but I would much rather see it going to someone like Geordie, than to some faceless staff Officer, senior Civil Servant or similar.
    RIP Geordie, I will miss trying to work out what the fcuk you are on about when I occasionally wander down the QM's corridor at Blandford! :)
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  8. I would like to associate myself with Slipperman's comments.

  9. I never realised that Geordie had been awarded an MBE!

    He was a genuinely decent bloke - you'll be missed marra.
  10. I agree totally.
  11. Brilliant lad!

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