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Geordie Gardiner Technique

Alreet lads

How’s ye arse for cracking nuts?

Have ye heard ov the Geordie Gardiner Technique?

Why man it’s like nowt else ye ever ad

Your lass will never have been so happy in all her life

More than one come
(why av 1 when ye can av 21)
Check out post: Woman – Please

And a stiff as shiny as ye best boots
Check out post: WEST AM - WEST AM & the Story ov SOFTYBOY

All the Best Geordie Gardiner ex RCT

Anyone know them crazy past-tit bricklayers that worked out of Girdwood 1977/78
He started a thread about 8 Regt which became a car crash (no pun). He has the faintest of grasps on reality and the English language!
On the rounds I see
Keep sharp
And ye might get there

But I doubt it

Read his other posts
Aimed at play school


The crash was down to this past-tit and his tosser mates being pissed all the time
We Sappers and Former Sappers always seem to attract the Loons :) someone buy the poor chap a bottle of Apfel Korn and a brown bag to camouflage the Amber Nectar while he sits outside his cardboard box.
GG has been haunting the RLC website since the start of Jan, looks like his plan to take over the world involves his newly learnt skill of "cutting and pasting" previous posts and splattering them everywhere.

He is also seems to be trying to get his "visitited" numbers up on his bone website. Maybe some sort of kick is gained.

I'm more stunned he has managed to evade the O2 tag, either that or the tag is deemed as fashionable as an ASBO in his Chavvy world!

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