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Discussion in 'Sappers' started by Alfay, Feb 12, 2009.

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  1. evening all. Ive just had my medical forms accepted and made my 3 choices. The job that caught my eye the most was geographic technician. I was just wondering if anyone could give me an idea of what a standard day as a geographic tech consists of, and also
    :what are the chances for promotion? quick? slow? non existent? any info would be hugely appreciated.
    :finaly once trained and qualified where would i most likely be posted to?
    Thanks for any information in advance.

  2. You have had too much cheese Knocker 8O

    Geo = Strange Survey people at Hermitage , maps and stuff.

    They like to think they are special, which they are!!! 8O Spend a lot of time working with computer and plotters ending up a porn professional :wink:
    Almost always travelling as I recall, bit like 170, always need a map geek on Ops.
  3. normally sat in the back of cushy trucks with the ultimate in arsses of much shininess (weird spelling i know, but correct! 8) )
  4. lol well it sure sounds interesting! so would you say they spend most their day behind a computer screen? or would i still get to go out in the field on exercises? Do Geo techs Collect their own information or are they simply given it and just have to draw up maps on a computer etc?
  5. You will spend time at 42 Engr Regt in Hermitage, or Feltham (if you upset someone).

    You will be out on the ground surveying and the likes.

    You also get a foundation degree after your class 1 course I believe.

    Not a bad job.
  6. sounds like a great job, thanks for all the info :)
  7. I just read that there are plans to shut down the barracks at hermitage, would this effect my chances of being an geo tech?
  8. forget that its dated 07 :/
  9. Are they not getting kicked out of the corp and sucked into the Int side of life?? :?
  10. 42 regt are relocating to a new site in the next few years. Geos collect some of their own data or interpret it from mapping and aerial phots. They are Class 1 Google Earth trained also. (Allegedly!)

    The best posting for a Geo is 14 Sqn because is currently in Germany (more money) and they get a tour within roughly 2 years of completing training and arriving in the unit. All new guys are currently getting driving Licences upto HGV with Hazmat qualification thrown in.

    Also search 42 Engr Regt In arssepedia and read.

    And no im not one.

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  12. thanks for all the information thats brilliant, i couldnt find any real info on arssepedia but what youve told me has been good enough. Thanks again.
  13. Used to be 5 trades in Military Survey (well, 6 if you counted Map Storeman but any feker could be one of them and they weren't on Tech pay..) Reponsible for everything to do with mapping from Field Surveying through to Printing the maps.... The nature of mapping has changed a lot in the past few years and the new survey trades have more of a reliance on a lot of computer geekery, real-time satellite imagery sneaky-beaky stuff and general Google earth-type toys. Good opportunity to get good trade quals for when you get out...

    Don't expect to be 'up at the front laying down lead....' but at the same time there's plenty of Geo posts a bit closer to the pointy bit of any miltary action than most RAF posts (Not hard to do...). Gunners used to use the survey STRE to set up positions, a lot of Div and Bde HQ postings all over the place. Most of the time all that entails is running the map store and printing 'private jobs' for the Ruperts (for BEER!) from the back of your TaciSys vehicle.

    Not a bad job.... although undeniably geeky in parts....