Geographical Emphasis within the RAC/HCAV

Discussion in 'RAC' started by Trahere, Apr 5, 2006.

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  1. After looking on the Army website on the MBT regiments currently employed I noticed that apart from the Scots DGs, the rest all have disjointed recruiting areas. During the SDR was there any consideration into merging regiments geographically as it appears to have happened to the Inf this time round? How much emphasis was there on keeping the historical ties ie. the Hussars, Dragoons etc intact? Nothing more than a passing interest as when I was still in I remember bumping into a QRH SNCO wearing the old style QRIH beret with a broad brummie accent and none too pleased to be doing so.
  2. This subject has very recently been readdressed and I can tell you that the RAC Regts now have clearly idenified recruiting areas.

    Especially my own Regt RDG
  3. they have always ahd traditional recruiting areas, just with lack of them coming thru each regiment grabs as many as it can. thats why u always get the odd immigrant in them. except for the SDG who find fiji to be just out side glasgow
  4. HCR - All Over - Mostly homos, masons and barrow boys.
    QDG - Wales - Nearly all finely chisled Men of Wales with the odd Herefordian tractor driver.
    Scots DG - Scotland - 50/50 mix of surly argumentative Jocks and geograhically confused Fijians.
    RDG - Yorkshire/Ireland - 98% Drunken numbskull Yorkies and a sprinkling of Irish tinkers all in green trousers.
    QRH- Birmingham/Ireland - Now thats a mix! Once again, a combination of Brummys and Gypos.
    9/12L - Some vague area in the midlands - Morons and boring spotters.
    KRH - Mmm? West Country/Lancs ish!? - Whatever? Some loose affiliaton with the human race in red trousers.
    LD - Yorkshire/Newcastle - Lager lout Barnsley boys (of the white variety) and pissed up Geordies with no front teeth.
    QRL - Birmingham/Staffs ish - Not sure really, i think they join cos of the bloody awful badge, wannabe hells angels and hopeless drinkers.
    1RTR - Liverpool/Scotland - Rude scousers and jocks that couldnt get in to Scots DG cos of the Fijians. all very good at washing cars.
    2RTR - London/West country - Wide boys and village idiots. Used to be good (ish) at rugby but have turned gay.
  5. Excellent, i did have a chuckle reading that TC, although im slightly alarmed at your poor view of Yorkshire folk! And i think u may find the tipple in Barnsley isnt Lager. (you need a note from your mum to drink Lager or have a "top") :D :D
  6. Sorry surplus.... no offence intended against Yorkies, Ive had many a laugh in years gone by with mates from the 3&8's especially when we shared a barracks with them; but it always seemed to be before 10AM otherwise they were always inebriated! They drank lager, bitter, spirits, meths, aftershave and petrol. The numbskull bit comes from the prediliction for Rugby League in that part of the world. As a union man i cannot see the beauty and flair of the 15 man game reproduced in the 13 man game which just seems to be 26 numbskulls running around bumping into each other!
  7. QRL do east and west midlands. notts is better do the ratio of women to men. U have to get and interpreter to understand any one from birmingham or stoke. bunch of inbred twats with not one decent footy team between them. oh yes and the bull ring!
  8. and a pissed up geordie with no front teeth, is that fat frigger still in your lot ?
  9. Taff-Cav
    QDG - Wales - Nearly all finely chisled Men of Wales with the odd Herefordian tractor driver, with a sprinkle of Scousers!