Geographic Technician Question

Discussion in 'Sappers' started by Dirtymickey, Jan 15, 2013.

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  1. I am at the point where I am considering job options. My three choices were going to be intelligence, engineers and artillery gunner. The job in the engineers I was interested in was as a geographic tech, however, a mate of mine in the engineers told me to avoid this and said they are generally treated like crap, are hated by most of the trades and is a very boring job with you being stuck behind a computer day in and day out. Does anyone know if there is any truth to this and is it a good trade to get into? Sorry if this seems like a crap question. Would appreciate anyones help. Thanks.
  2. Having met more than a few, if you want to be a soldier then avoid this like the plague. If you like being a chair polishing, fat REMF then apply today!
  3. Thanks for your advice. What trade would you reccommend for a good mix of technical work and general solider/field work which gives me career options when I leave the army? Thanks again, mickey.
  4. A friend of mine was Geo. He did spend a fair amount of time behind a desk, but it was a desk in Hereford and deployed with THEM. Lots of responsibility at only Cpl level. The other posters are right, it is a lot of computer and desk work, but there are opportunities in Hereford and Poole and with 3cdo and 16AA. All depends what floats your boat
  5. Don't make me laugh with the "THEM" reference, ffs. A toilet cleaner in Credenhill is still a fecking toilet cleaner...
  6. He could be in training as an undercover lavy attendant at Taliban HQ, Bradford..........Not so much of the "grey man" but more of the "brown man" ,
  7. I'm not bigging it up, I am just saying that there are opportunities, just like there are opportunities for a whole range of cap badges to work in support of UKSF.