Geographic Technician or resources specialist?

Discussion in 'Sappers' started by tom_90, Oct 17, 2009.

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  1. I am interested in join the engineers however when i went to my local afco they send these are the only two engineer jobs available untill april and even then there a people already waiting for those jobs, and i want to be in sooner rather than later. I have looked into both of these trades with little success, all i can find on the geo tech is that they are geeks but with good promotion and career prospects and nothing on resources specialist if someone could give me some advice to what these jobs actually are like not just what the army website says would be much appreciated as i dont want to join and find myself bored siting behind a computer 24/7. Also id like to become a commando or para engineer would that still be possible through these trades?
    Any help would be much appreciated. Thanks tom
  2. There is a lot of paperwork and time spent behind a desk as a res spec. The only thing I could suggest is join up initally as either of those trades then retrade when you have your interview with the PSI at Gib Barracks.
  3. You're pretty much bang on with the Geo's, they make maps, and Resources Specialist is basically a storemans type job.
    What plant_life said is pretty good advice, but this sounds like recruiters talking balls just to fill gaps as these trades are usually undermanned.
  4. It depends on what post the res spec is filling; they should be acting like a buyer in a construction firm, accounting for construction material and ordering engineering stores/tools that the regiments don't normally hold.

    Unfortuantly the recruiter isn't lying; the Corps is over subscribed for recruits at the moment. Geo and res spec are still pinch point so you won't wait as long to start training. For most other trades a wait of 7 months or so to start training is the current norm.
  5. I know quite a few Ressers that will be quite upset with that statement.

    Plant Life's description more accurate.
  6. especially as there was no mention of being able to eat loads :wink: :wink: :wink: :wink:
  7. Hi Tom,

    hope i can help a little, im at Gib at the minute on my B3, looking to trade as a Geo, my advice to you is to wait to get the trade you want, as once you are here there is little chance of a retrade unless you want to be a res spec, i know a few guys here who joined as C3S "just to get in" and hoped to change trades that are now stuck with a job they dont want to do,

    Alos if you are looking to go 23/24 geo and res spec prob arnt the best choices for you as they are prob the 2 most "desk bound" trades you can do,

    if u want any more info PM me,
  8. if you go geo you can't go para or commando. sooner or later the geo boys wont even be corps. your two choices are miles from eachother so i'd say get some real info. Geo though has a lot more limitations but the degree and instant lcpl aint so bad...never heard of a poor geo-geek in civ-strauss
  9. You don't get instant LCpl as Geo.
  10. I wish you could have joined up straight from civvie strasse as a Res Spec in the mid-90s. Would have saved me a lot of hole-digging before finally getting a nice warm post in the SQMS Dept! :wink:
  11. Oh my giddy aunt,
    Res Spec is not a storeman however I can see how you think that,
    The storemen are the blokes who work for the res specs counting crap and keeping it clean,
    but now with res specs coming in straight from trg, units are using them as G10 storemen (which is mis employing them)because they are G4 trained and it saves sending some other lad (usually MT) on his AA storemans course.
    Like plant life says we are supposed to do LPO (Local Purchase) but normally some snco will go and do this and just expect you to account for what he buys.
    If I had the choice all over again I simply wouldnt play football in the Army my knees wouldnt be knackered I wouldnt have piled on the weight and I could still be a fieldy (Hands on lift up!) but thats another gripe thread of its own.
    Truthfully we have had res specs re-trade, it does take a lot of time and a good 2ic (who are few and far between) to help you out.
    There is more to being a res spec than counting crap but sadly that is just as much a part of the job as anything else, because they'll be the first to whinge when they are missing a bridge panel because you messed up but if you deliver all stores for the job on time to the right location and with the extra kit that you know they need but was missed off the stores bid then they will look at you in a different light. They look at me in a different light mainly because im that fat i block out all the sunlight.
  12. delete - knees

    insert - hips/shins/ankles

    :( :( :( :(
  13. Geo can go commando or para but have to be posted to the unit,
    well general rule of thumb,

    but geo are mostly desk jockeys! with the small trip out for a survey or 2
  14. nadda, mostly geeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeks
  15. geo mongs i though was the acceptable term :)