Geographic embarasment

Discussion in 'The NAAFI Bar' started by red rose, Aug 4, 2013.

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  1. My worst was my cross border rece of the republic of potato growers, And the subsiquent stand off with the Garda.I swear to this day it was the lynx landing in the wrong spot, And di magnitising my compas and the bloody thick pink border on the map.Never thaught id be grateful to see Roslee again. Whats you worst map fuk up?
  2. I don't speak gibberish. Can someone give me a translation please?
  3. Walking in Skye in January, got lost walking around a large clump of trees near Broadford, up around the cemetry. 4pm starting to get dark, Mrs says lets go into forrest for a short cut. Nope we walked the 6 clicks back the we came

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  4. Yes understand your prefared language is talking bollocks! Only patrole you ever done is the male yo have no rite to reply. Do us a favour crack anothet lambriny and recal being a bumper jumper, role mat, and matress.And the highlight of your career was being done like a train in the sargents mess"you colbourn comando.don wurry your ship mite come in and you can move to Richmond
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  5. Mine was when I was leading my brother and my mates through one eyed willies caves, my asthma was playing up something rotten, I nearly left the map on the big organ thing made of skeletons...luckily I managed to grab it just in time...

    ...then my fat mate showed up with his pet spastic and saved us from the Fratellis...

    ..and we saved the goon docks..
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  6. Whoa we surrender.
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  7. You couldn't make this shit up!!!!!
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  8. Ha ha them trees done me a time or two
  9. Trees, what trees? Does LSD grown on trees? Are you up a tree, feeding the birds?
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  10. I got pissed up in Bloodhound camp and ended up jumping in bed with the SSM twice, does that count?
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  11. Snaily please just go change your tenna lady this could have bean semi serious you spunk bucket
  12. I'll have a pint of what you've been drinking.

    Err! On second thoughts, maybe not.
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  13. tone.jpg
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  14. Buy a dictionary you retard. I manage, a myopic with an android, I never know if its dirty glasses or greasey screen

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  15. Yes lol definitely