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Discussion in 'Sappers' started by pistol101, Jun 11, 2009.

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  1. Hi,

    Interested in this role and was wondering what the wait time is if I was to hand in my application tomorrow (hypothetically speaking). Also does anyone have any gen on career progression and where you may be posted? Just doesn't seem to be a lot of info around about the role.

    Many thanks
  2. To join us here at Googlemap Headquarters you will need to undergo aptitude testing to see if you are suitable.

    If you are serving simply go and see your RCMO and request a transfer and this will start the ball rolling, once he has stopped laughing.

    If you are a civilian you will need to join up, attend basic, attend phase 2 trg (Combat Engineer training), then your driving course and then trade training which is 11 months alone!! After this you can be posted.

    GeoTechs serve with all types of units, from NATO HQs to those who wear balaclavas and carry funny looking guns as well as the Geo sqns in UK and Germany.

    You will still be required to attend all the course required for promotion within the Corps as well as Geo based ones as well.
  3. you actually dont do all the courses same as the mainstreamers being a 4 year geo i know. You do up yo your B2 in combat engineering. And at the moment geo sucks most people are sining off.
  5. Well 3 people signed off yesterday. Mainly due to the poor man mangment to be honest. Its very poor and the same people do all the work. We went on excercise last month and what did they forget yes that essential thing water, kind of a priority, theres also the point that things produced by us are of a good stndard but certain seniors clearly not capable of there jobs are in posts.
  6. that really really shocks me.
  7. I know this might be eggs + straw + sucking motion, but have any of this 'young' soldiers stood up and asked for an Interview with their CoC to discuss their problems, or is this all whining and moaning behind the bike sheds?

    Dont give me any bollox about being afraid, they would rather throw away a good career because they got a bit upset and do not have the gumption to speak out?!
  8. and what happens if you speak out :?: :?: :?: :?:

    you get told to shut the feck up as you are not entitled to have an opinion, believe me i know poacher only too well (never stopped me mind you).
  9. True we have all spoke out but you just get the, well nothings going to change i regulary voice my oppinions thats why am constantly messed around as some seniors dont like it. But know the retention in geo has never being good.
  10. I assume you are deliberately spelling things wrong to try and put 'the seniors' off your scent. It hasn't worked and 'the seniors' know who you are.

    I would question your statement that retention in geo has never been good given the time you have served, MUST BE THE RUMOUR MILL AGAIN EH?

    Big Brother is watching!!