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Read "First Light" a few years ago , sad to read of his passing, yet another of the few moved on , as he was one of the very youngest there can't be many of them left
Only 8 of "The Few" left

F/L William Clark - 219 Sqn
W/C John Ellington - 1 Sqn
W/C Paul Farnes 501 - Sqn
S/L J. Hart 602 & 54 - Sqns
F/O J. Hemingway - 86 Sqn
F/L William Hughes - 23 Sqn
F/L Maurice Moundson - 56 Sqn
Archibald Higgens - 601 & 238 Sqns
A coupe of pictures of the fine gentleman from the newspaper we don't mention.


Sqn Ldr Geoffrey Wellum is on the RHS of Prince Charles at a meeting at Clarence House. Since this picture was taken they've all gone, I think. I copied the picture a while ago.

Sqn Ldr Geoffrey Wellum.jpg

There's quite a bit on Youtube. Well worth watching.

RIP sir. Blue skies, God's speed and good tail winds. You won't be forgotten.
Geoffrey was an "Old Forrester" and continued to have close ties with the school right up until his death.

In 2011 he gave a speech to the then pupils. Some of you may like to read the words from that visit. which are in the link.

However, the summing up strikes a chord:

"The present generation of Foresters, your generation, is just the same as we were in 1940. You may live in a different world to ours of those days, have a different way of life and a different outlook, dress differently and have different rites and rituals but if and when at some point in the future the cards are face up on the table, the chips are down when no quarter is asked or given and there is a National crisis together with a true belief in justice of your cause, you will respond as we did back in 1940, you will respond. You are just the same, you are Foresters and I, as a very Old Forester, salute you…….In Pectore Robur."

Squadron Leader Geoffrey Wellum DFC - Forest School

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