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Have looked at ARRSE but have been happy to laugh and sometimes after a few wets nearly cry at the posts. Ive just watched the Hoon fella talking about the latest lad ( Coldsteam Guard) to die in Iraq and felt I had to register just to say I think he is a TW~T. I fully understand that on Ops lads might die, and although its a pain in the arrse tours have to be done, its just every time I see or hear him speak I think he is a shallow insencere sh"t who doesnt really give a fcuk about the very lads whose office he heads. Deeepest condolences to the family of the Coldstreamer.


Reminds me of a remberance day service I watched a while ago. You know the one at the Albert Hall that's on TV every year. So anyway, there sits Lizzie with a look like she understands the concept of duty. Meanwhile, the collected politicians and their wives chatted away and smiled like it was a night at the f**king theatre. I know what kind of theatre I'd like to see them in.

How about this for an idea (not a serious one), when politicians sign up for the job, they sign that if one man dies as a results of their policies, at a suitably safe time when someone is ready to take over their position they can be humanely executed, you know to really show they have a sense of solidarity with the troops that have died.

Defence Secretary Geoff Hoon told BBC Radio 4's World at One programme: "It appears that the bomb - what we call an improvised explosive device - was placed in the road and tragically had the effect of ending this guardsman's life."

We? So is TCH an EOD expert now? He disgusts me & I'm a bloody civvy. :evil:
TCH also referred to the work that 'we' are doing in Iraq at the moment. I have searched all the Corimecs, and couldn't find him. UK NSE report no trace of TCH's deployment on the RYAN system. Quelle mystery!
ViroBono said:
TCH also referred to the work that 'we' are doing in Iraq at the moment. I have searched all the Corimecs, and couldn't find him. UK NSE report no trace of TCH's deployment on the RYAN system. Quelle mystery!
I was with you all the way then... well, until you started with the french!
tch well named
TCH:- 'That Cnut Hoon' never fails to raise my blood pressure; but it is a wonderfully descriptive concatenation to apply to our Defence Secretary.

You can say it another way, as in:- 'Cnut, That Hoon' or even 'Hoon, That Cnut'.

Whichever way you say it, it still makes perfect sense!

Isn't the English language an amazing tool? Which is, perhaps, more than you can say for TCH! :lol: :lol: :lol:
Do WOs out there feel embarassed and sickened at that smarmy prick signing their Warrants?

please don't say that...

No would be Warrant Officer will be happy at that prospect. We are trying to recruit quality people, how do we tell them that this is the Royal Warrant; signature by TCH!!!!!

Hopefully Micheal Ancram or Fatty Soames will soon be signing them :D
BBC News - Wife Blames TCB

Wife blames TCB! TCH obviously did a good job selling to her how important her loss was... Democracy etc!

The problem is they are not honest enough or caring enough to go any distance towards assuaging her grief. Condolences to her and her children from ARRSE, who genuinely understand her loss and stand proud of one of our own who has been sacrificed.
TCH has been remarkably quiet of late. He seems to have been wheeled out to spout his platitudes about yet another better man than himself who has died for Bliar's quest to be an international statesman, then put back in the box. Bliar himself was on top faux-sincerity form yesterday; his comments made me feel quite nauseous.

How long until TCH gets to the 'You're irritating me' stage with this Guardsman's ex-wife?
Guardsman Wakefield's wife really ripped into Gordon Brown, good girl!...the whole TELIC affair is highly unsatisfactory and regardless of your political hue, it becomes so much harder to blindly follow the last order. Admiral Lord Boyce's comments at the weekend were not entirely helpful to people trying to understand their moral/professional position but then they were also not entrely helpful to anybody trying to whitewash the situation and steam ahead, damning torpedoes left right and centre...

Gordon Brown's response that with Iraq as a democracy the Middle East is a safer place also made me ponder. The USA is a democracy but I don't feel particularly safe in that knowledge...

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