Geo Tech Specialist interview maths

Discussion in 'Sappers' started by Bob-Palmer, Dec 30, 2010.

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  1. Hi guys, I have had a gander about the forums using the 'search' function but have yet to come across anyone dropping a hint on what maths is covered/tested at the interview week away. can Anyone give me some advice for revision of the subjects (wanting to pass and all... revision is a must!)

    Also an extra one as there seems to be mixed views on this but could I go to a Para or commando support regt. with Geo tech trade under my belt?

    Thanks! :)
  2. Thanks for the swift reply. My ultimate goal is to be supporting Para or RM as a royal engineer but if Geo don't get out much with them then it might not be the best option for me. I have already been booked onto the interview course on the 16th of Jan though so jacking it off will probably cause problems at the ACIO. Do you think its worth (I wouldn't call it risking but you know, lowering my chances of serving alongside them) by joining Geo with the hopes of supporting them?
  3. Tommy things have moved on a little since you left and it is now normal for a class 2 to be working with a Geo sgt.
    Also the lads are now at the FOBs providing support at battle group level staright out of RSMS as Class 2's and some do actually leave camp. Whilst there is no direct support to Para and Cdo units, as in serving in them, you are able to do both the AACC and your jumps, if that is what you want.
    Also GeoTechs are serving at many different units with plenty at Hereford with 'Them' having a whale of a time and also the ones at HQ RM Poole. Also have many serving elsewhere now which is probably why the Sqns are quite empty.

    Bob-palmer - if you are that desperate to work with the RM and Paras why don't you just join one of them - will certainly cut out the middle man or do you desperatley want to be a Sapper?

    Oh and let your ACIO know what you are doing when you make your mind up, he won't get the hump.

    Just to let you know that plenty of lads are now being failed on their Aptitude course now as the Geo trade is almost full, so whereas a couple of years ago you would be taken on 'at risk' those who are borderline are usually binned and then it's off to look for another trade anyway..
  4. I want to be a sapper that also works alongside either of them... More frontline and more combat engineering but then when I am back at home still doing a trade aswell as getting in on exercise and the added prestige of being part of both the RE and having wings and/or dagger on me haha :nod:

    ^^ I hope that is understandable, was out sampling the water of gods last night. I will call the ACIO tomorrow and just hope that the ickets have not been sent to me yet for the train.
  5. Hey, didn't want to start a new post, Just wondering if anyone has some insight on the Geo apptitude test, particularly, what is expected of the powerpoint presentation? Am I to pick ANY subject and just make it into a presentation?