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Discussion in 'Sappers' started by sappagirl, Dec 10, 2008.

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  1. Just got back from the careers office and now its make up my mind time, I've decided to stick with RE but not too sure as yet which trade to choose.
    I've wittled it down to sparky, fitter(hvac), plumbing or geo (seeing as the careers office seemed so keen to push this on me)!
    What im asking is, could anyone give me more info on the geo tech trade. I've already been through the usual sites (yes, and used the search key). I'd like an inside view on it other than they're geeks!
  2. I know just the man. I'll see what info I can get from him.
  3. awesome, thanks.
  4. They have the advantage of having The Pot Kiln about 5 milesfrom camp. Awesome food, good choice of proper beers etc. A little bit pricey but then you pay for what you get.

    Geo do get a pretty decent variety of postings. Each Brigade HQ has a Geo cell and you have more than a few individuals scattered around the world. Not sure what current operational commitments are like for 42 though.
  5. I met a geo tech once, he was one of the PTI's at Gib, and seemed to take offence to the term - 'handbag'

    Hope this helps with your career choice!!!
  6. they`re geeks!
  7. They're not just geeks, they are GEO MONGS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  8. Both sparky and plumber have a long waiting list for trade training at the moment. Whereas fitter and Geo don't.

    ME Ftr and ME Ftr ACR - both attract a Golden Hello of £500 (minimum), you also get a C+E licence and other NVQ qualifications.

    ME Geo Tech - Golden Hello of £500 (minimum), C+E licence and opportunity to gain a foundation degree.

    Speak to your recruiter and see if you can get yourself on a Geo Aptitude Course. 5 days at Hermitage and designed to access whether the individual has the right attributes to become a RE Geo Tech and whether the career meets their expectations.

    Or speak to the Geo Recruiting team yourself on 01635 204218.
  9. go for sparky it is the best trade in the corps & all the qualificationss (forgive if incorrect) are recognised by civ-div.

    it will be worth the wait, trust me.
  10. 01635 204201 Geo Trade Recruiting Team.

    Go to the horses mouth.

    Not the horses cocks on here who seem to want to post pointless shite.
  11. Sparkys do get some pretty good qualifications: the test and inspection one is worth £1000 a go.

    You also have Plant Operator Mechanic. You get your C+E, CPCS card and some decent NVQs. Sitting in a cab with the a/c or heating on weather dependant is also a lot more preferable to either sweating/freezing your tits off outside. I was filling Hesco is Kosovo one Decemeber in my LWT. The fieldies were in full thermals, t-shirt, Norwegian, softy jacket, field jacket, trousers, full goretex, deputy dog hat, arctic mitts and shemaghs and they were still cold even when working. I was wearing tropic trousers and a t-shirt. I opened the windows rather than turn the heating down! Chose your trade.
  12. and the still the fieldies were nowhere near the size of your average mud-muppet. :wink: :D :wink: :D
  13. I know, have you seen the size of fieldies nowadays? Salad dodgers the lot of them!