Genuinely confused

I've always liked to think, in moments of lucidity, that I know roughly what is going on around me, but now I'm very unsure. The point was reached some time ago when most of the military realised that there was no purpose whatsoever in being in the Stan aside for ensuring oil income for some lazy fat bastards, but nevertheless kept up the bloody, painful work in the name of Queen and country. Now, if not Queen, but country, in the form of government, turns round and basically shafts the military up the rear parts and still expects it to carry out it's dirty work. In other countries this would lead automatically to a coup. Within selfsame country, said government is determined to give criminals and feral youths a carte blanche by reducing police numbers, courts and prison terms.Instead of being hung for destroying society, corrupt 'businesspeople' are rewarded. I just don't see any sense around me at all any more.


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If we're haveing a coup, can I have the job of Minister for Overseas Aid?

My thinking is this: I'd stop all overseas aid. It would take me 10 minutes per day to write 'REJECTED' over every letter that asks for help. I then have loads of spare time to be driven around by my chauffeur in the Jag.
Ciggie - the Army hasn't been shafted, and the effort in Afg has been specifically exempted from the tiny nick of eight per cent in the overall defence spend spread across all three services and the MOD.

The re-organisation, that most outragers are confusing with the cuts, was decided upon by people who have a lot more brains and inside knowledge than anyone who has boarded the bus so far.

Don't let that spoil the fun, though, just pick a misunderstanding and crack on.

'Britain Left Defenceless After 8% Slashed from Defence Spend,' or even:'Planes not to be ready before carriers from which they will fly are finished - Madness'


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Whilst she couldn't do any worse than the present PM, she is supposedly suffering from senile dementia
As opposed to the last one who was completly mental

Legs why not write rejected whilst in the Jag and then get a minion to drop them off?
Save yourself the climb up to that plush office everyday
Isn't Her Holiness, Maggie T laid up in bed chuffing her last or summat...?

A State Funeral...... well that might take some difficulty.... no Sodjiers to line the streets.....

All the Tree Hugging, Bed wetting yoghurt crunching socialist lefties of Liarbore Party would go out and buy up all the cheap strong cyder and vodka and have one gi-humungous knees-up...

Wow.... whet's backa gin... whaur's ashie and pals....

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