Genuine "royal wedding mug"

Collectors item there boys, get in before they pull them from sale.
Why is this "Chinese" company 'registered' in the UK?

Furthermore -

Date Created: Sat 26-February-2011
Date Expires: Tue 26-February-2013
Registrant Name: Identity Protection Service
Registrant Company: Identity Protect Limited
Registrant Address: PO BOX 1125
Registrant Address:
Registrant Address:
Registrant Address: Guildford
Registrant Address: Surrey
Registrant Address: GU1 9LU
Registrant Address: United Kingdom
It gets a little worse....

Ever being the sort of person to jump right in and sort out a problem (or make it worse, *snigger*).

I dropped them a quick line suggesting they look again...

Their reply came back quite quickly:

"Sir, these cups are designed with great detail and attention, the Marborough shape, the lovely portraits and the ornate gold detailing on the rim and drinking handle, for the most lovely wedding in all the centuries.
We look forward to your orders. Cups to your region are delivered early April in time for the beautiful day.
Good evening and luck to you.

You just can't tell some people...
maybe they know something we don't
could be worse I suppose


#15 don't mean fraternal sloppy seconds do you.

Of course, I refer to "seconds" in the retail crockery sense, not anything of say, a group sex nature.
I don't have a brother but if his missus looked like her i'd ram it up her poopipe


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Trouble is, these will sell well as the idiot value will help them fly off the shelves.

I've ordered two already...
I don't think these will be sent out once the Chinese Embasy political section spots the error in case there's some huge loss of face. They'll order the whole lot withdrawn, and maybe even someone will get their head chopped off.
"ye olde english guangdong drinkware" the mark of quality!

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