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Discussion in 'RLC' started by samain11, Jul 29, 2013.

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  1. Samain11 mk3 joined as a driver/comms spec some time ago and has actually done no comms speccing at all as far as I can see,
    did herrick 17 as a driver and is now employed as a tent erector whilst his unit gets fucked about prior to disbanding.
    Is there no set trade progression ? after nearly 2 years there does not seem to be any class 2 trade training and he tells me that
    he stands no chance of any comms experience unless he gets a decent posting when 12 lsr finally dies. I was REME and have little experience
    of how the RLC works (RCT in my day). I understand that comms spec are no longer on the drivers this right?
  2. Admitedly my own time was quite a few years ago but when I was at 4GS there was a surplus of rad-ops (as we were called back then), so quite a few were shunted off to MT or SQMS with little or no radio time and very little chance of trade courses.
    Then again, back then we could be up for promotion under both trades (not that it helped me at all).
    Dunno if that's changed since

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  3. comm specs are their own trade, 12 LSR are getting rid of all their kit, ET/vehicles, as BOWMAN is platform based, wouldnt be superised if they havent any.
  4. Yeah sounds about what I thought, a body is a body after all I suppose. I would have expected a bit more effort from the Comms Tp Leader though, I would have kicked up a fuss if my class 3 craftsmen were being poached when I really needed them to be building up experience in order to be useful to me.
  5. Fair one.
  6. It was the troopy who was shunting everyone off! All his comms dets were full.

    One question though, class 3?

    Back then all rad-ops came out of depot as class 2.
    B3 Driver, B2 rad-op

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  7. Same as Pet Ops. Loads of kit in the sheds, loads of lads (well majority are seeing head doctors but lets not let that ruin things!) and not a lot of PetOp'ing going on. Its one of those trades which unless you are on Ex or Ops then the nearest you get to fuel is filling your car up!
    Rad Ops are the same. Loads of FFR's with gucci secret (!!!) Bowman in and unless you want to talk to each other across the parade square then you are carted/shunted off to other tasks as described. Tends to happen in my old Regt when stupid shooting competitions at Bisely are being run and then 20 Pet Ops are putting tents up, sitting in butts or getting beaten up by certain SF lot on the London Underground as they were a few weeks ago!
    Im afraid he has chosen the wrong trade to get to practice it a lot.
  8. The lads in Rad Tp used to have to spend a lot of time trying to look busy. As you say, unless on ops or ex there's not a lot to do.
    I don't know if it's still the same but we were told that FFRs were only allowed to be used for ops or ex so literally the only work to do was a-jobs and painting of vehicles week in and week out that hadn't left the bays in months.
    At least us shunted over to MT got a chance to do something other than stencil tyre pressure on wheel arches. Heaven forbid, we even got to leave camp sometimes.

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  9. Same in 3 Regt Rad Tp.... mac_uk.... except we were closer to the
  10. Are you on a mission to ressurect the most as many dead threads as possible?
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  11. @Peli23 is the expert there !
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  12. Yep....
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  13. You'd have been lucky to have got your FFRs out of the bays....

    Petrol landrovers with no door locks and the unlocked tanks under the seats? No wonder the fuel tanks were almost always empty
  14. We used to tow them to Wksps, they were always VOR anyway...
  15. Ah yes, a regular Thursday night in Abingdon would involve filling up our cars near rad troop ready for Friday .
    or up the TTF park filling cans from the petrol TTFs.