Genuine question about movers!

Discussion in 'The NAAFI Bar' started by Proximo, Jun 2, 2006.

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  1. Yeah ok - I put it in the NAAFI because I can see where this is going...

    Can someone with knowledge about such things (failing that, anyone) please explain why on earth I have to be at South Cerney at 0530hrs for a flight that leaves at 1300hrs from Brize Norton?

    I'm not carrying anything suspicious. I am not - as far as I know - a carrier of ebola, hantavirus or H5N1. To the best of my knowledge, I am not wanted by Interpol or SOCA.

    So why can't I just rock up to Brize and get on? I MCCP'd today FFS!
  2. Surely this aint the first time you have been fcuked about while you have been in !!
    You have to be there cos they said so...see ya lol
  3. chimera

    chimera LE Moderator


    Just how long have you been in the Army?????!!!

    South Cerney is one of those things that just happens - don't ask WHY - it just happens. You know like the sun rising and setting etc. People have pondered it for years, some have even tried to explain, but noone has ever found the answer.

    Don't worry - once you've been f*cked around South Cerney for a while you will have the same pleasure at Brize!!

    Oh - and a game to keep you amused once you get to Brize. Count how many RAF ground staff you see between the check in and getting on the plane......and then don't forget that they work SHIFTS so you can multiply that by a factor of 3.
  4. It's because as Mr ARRSE 2005 (a blatantly rigged election I must say, I should have won by a clear mile), you are getting preferential treatment. The rest of your fellow passengers have to be there at 08:00 two days previously.
  5. If you look round the 'departure lounge' at South Cerney there are little A4 posters around with the official line about why you have to be there - there's definitely one on the door into the cafe/shop at the back.
  6. Read those notices - thought what a nob job trying to explain why the Joint Movement Staff take three times longer to do a job than some GCSE reject working for a civvi airline.
  7. Me too - they passed five minutes on JV though
  8. Ah good old JV-the fcuking bane of my life