Genuine New Aussie Bush/Slouch Hat ends midnight 1st May

Discussion in 'Charity Auctions' started by Hellmans, Apr 21, 2010.

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  1. My blagging efforts have gone international.

    A mate in the Aussie Army has blagged a brand new, straight out of QM Stores Australian Digger's Bush Hat/Slouch Hat.

    He has shaped it before posting it and it comes in size 59. If you've got a small head, never mind they are meant to be big!

    Made from Genuine 'Koala Bear Skin' with 'Kangeroo' leather headband, this has got to be a rarity!

    The ultimate fancy dress/piss up headgear

    Ends midnight 1st May. Delivery will be as soon as it arrives from Oz.

    All proceeds to Holidays4Heroes , free postage


  2. What no capbadge?
  3. You can put your own one on.......................some bloody people! :p
  4. Hello MittMayo,

    erm,I mean G'day mate,shall we start at £25?

  5. Bonza TangoSix but outbid already mate!
  6. Hello MittMayo,

    we can't let a bludger from the junior service have it can we?
    Throw another shrimp on the barbie and up my bid to £40.

  7. Good on ya cobber!
  8. 50 of your English pounds!
  9. Hello,

    he sang as he sat as he waited while his billy boiled,who'll bid £60 on a slouch hat for me.

  10. So £60 from Tangosix.........................or am I mistakenly taking his singing for a bid?
  11. Hello MittMayo ,

    I sang as I sat as I waited while my billy boiled,"I'll bid £60 on a slouch hat for me!".

    Is that better?

  12. Perfick!
  13. Summer's coming, get your perfect Barbecue headgear!