Genuine Herrick 18 Question

Discussion in 'Army Reserve' started by CardH7, Feb 14, 2013.

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  1. Evening all,

    Firstly, although this is my first post I am an avid reader of arrse and enjoy, not only the banter, but the serious and useful advice provided on this forum by people who are often in the know. I'm a TA YO currently looking to transfer to an alternative TA Regiment in the South Wales area. I'm booked into the Regular CC course starting Jan '14, and wish to spend my intermediate time in the TA getting as involved as possible (mostly for the beer tokens!). However, one aspiration of mine would be to get onto OP Herrick, and with the recent announcement of who goes I noticed that 5 MI and 104 RA are both deploying from my area.

    I ask on here before I ask the Regiments themselves purely as it would be a bit ridiculous to simply cold call on these Regiments expecting answers to this question. My query is (and I have already googled, and asked my PSI before we begin that game), what would be the likely possibilities of deploying as a YO with either of the above Regiments?

    Civilian employment would not intefer and I could commit to all the mentioned training, however I would nto want to postpone my Regular Sandhurst intake without some sort of durable offer on the table from a Regiment, and am imply asking how best to go about this.

    Cheers all!
  2. I would think that you're too late - the units will be coming to the end of their pre-deployment training soon.
  3. Not a hope in hell on the Int side.
  4. approximately zero. H19 would be your first chance.
  5. What he said. By the time you've finished your CC and then done your Trade Course and then got a bit of time under your belt, well I leave you to do the sums. However all is not lost, almost certainly something else will be along soon somewhere.
  6. msr

    msr LE

    Bulford and Tidworth most likely...
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  7. On face value, I would say, no chance. You should allow 12 months for mobilisation, you have a firm offer of CC in 11 months' time. Even if you delay CC, unless you are uber-qualified at this stage in your career, your unit will have to make a significant investment in your pre-mobilisation training to get you to a stage where you are fit to be run for a PID, that's unlikely to happen if you are going regular after your tour. In any case, there is significant uncertainty wrt to TA PIDs on HERRICK, there is no guarantee of deploying, even if you get to Chilwell.

    BTW - what capbadge are you?
  8. No chance pal! The rip starts here very soon for H18 and no doubt most pids will be filled! You should have been thinking about H18 this time last year.
  9. Off out on 18 myself, we finish MST in 2 weeks so you know the answer! As far as I know 19 and 20 are expected to be 9 month in theatre tours, you need to start planning now to get any future tour!

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  10. As has been stated by other posters you have exactly ****-all chance of deploying in the immediate future as an INT YO* (and by immediate read the next 5 years). There are some deployed MI jobs for volunteer officers but these are reserved for those that have fairly robust CVs and/or (as Reb can confirm) an encyclopaedic knowledge of the Savoy Cocktail recipe book.

    If you were a JNCO it would be a different story.

    * there are a few E2 jobs knocking about though
  11. He could always go an IR in the MSST role on H19 or H20....just a thought, all cap badges welcome last i heard =)
  12. . Unlikely. H19 is already full and our MSST Army officers PIDs are for experienced Captains and Majors anyway. There is a tiny chance he could deploy in an SNCOs PID on H20 if he had the time (this has been done with a TA Lt and also tri-service YOs), particularly if he was either very good or has relevant civilian experience, but with what seems to be a lack of experience and plenty of regular SNCO alternatives available I doubt it.