Genuine Desert Combat Shorts

Discussion in 'Weapons, Equipment & Rations' started by UKChrisT, Jul 3, 2008.

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  1. I'm after an unissued pair of desert shorts just to wear over the summer if anyone knows where I can get myself some can you let me know please. I did try my local Army store but he said he was having trouble getting hold of them?
  2. Stop being lazy and try ebay??????

    But god only know why you'd want to wear them :?
  3. Loads of them on Ebay, but agree with waitout's comment on their desirability....
  4. already tried ebay, no good.
  5. I've got 4 pairs in my garage. Saying that if you haven't been issued them yourself - tough! Wear a t-shirt saying ' I've been to Afganistan - no really I have!'. That should work just as well when you're larging it in front of the chicks.
  6. How'd you mean no good :?

    Theres loads on there :?

    Unfortunatly there are no as used by PARA, SAS, Royal Marine one so that might put you off :D

    Don't forget the correct foot wear is desert boots and warm weater socks pulled up to the knees.

    You'll have to beat them off with a stick :twisted:
  7. Chris - if you want to wear shorts in the summer, buy a pair of shorts. You are TA and if you get clocked wearing desert DPM shorts, you'll get labelled a Walt and you'd have to do well to shake that tag off.
    Just buy some shorts.
  8. Mine have never been worn, the heirachy deemed that due to my operating theatres being aircon'd that I couldn't wear them! I used them for special love moments once I'd ran out of socks. They have been washed, yours if you want them, suprisingly the Harry Monk didn't bleach them, unlike the rug next to my pit!
  9. I've seen an identical pair in Next (i think) for £30-ish. Perhaps he's a purchaser for a clothing chain, trying to work on the cheap.
  10. Are the issue ones DPM or plain sand colour?
  11. The issue ones are DPM mate, but the only people who tend to wear them are AGC and fat arrsed medic chicks around pizza hut on bastion... Unless anyone has clocked the 22nd regiment of the RAF Reg cutting around KAF in them??
  12. A pair of plain sand ones would be ok for cutting about in through the summer but DPM? Bit naff.
  13. Or the blokes out in the FOBs - so goes to show what you know doesnt it
  14. Fair one, you can stag on in them or wear them in down time but you wouldn't go out of the gate in them... At least no one I knew did?? They just seemed a bit gay to me.
  15. I know I saw somebody wearing them on top cover going out of basra palace in 03 with the gayist pair of oakleys possible .I know they were designed for down time ,but,There was a semi serious discusion about wearing them while patrolling .On the grounds that my grandad defeated the africa korp wearing shorts so if they were good enough for him :D .
    There ok shorts but would feel a bit walty wearing them round town ,but ,considering the number of camo shorts in the shop i doubt anyone would care .Wouldn't buy them specially though.