Discussion in 'The ARRSE Hole' started by wessex_warrior, Aug 4, 2006.

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  1. Wessex, Look at my post regarding the Walt thread you posted in Intel Section.....
  2. Pure class!

    'Stolen from the hallowed halls of the Royal military Academy Sandhurst by a GENUINE thieving scouser. Transported to London ON A TRAIN!!!!! in a GENUINE ARMY BAG. this is a living piece of military history. BUY IT NOW or regret it forever.'
  3. Can't have been used by the RM there are no bite marks in it ;)

    They might have got more for it by claiming it had been used by one of the princes. Seriously is this an ARRSEer having a laugh?
  4. What the Feck is 'intel Section'?

    Oh - the seller of the pillow admits its stolen in the description
    I wouldn't expect the listing to remain live for long...


  5. iam going to put a bid of 1000 pounds on it.
    only for a laff mind.
  6. A class act, those are the ones that explode on impact, usually impacting on someones head. And they always stink, even when washed! Top bombing!
  7. Too late to buy it. It's been removed. Maybe the description "stolen" contravened eBays policies.

    Shame, I was going to ask the seller if it had authentic stains.
  8. Intelligence Cell !!!!!!!!!!
  9. as it has been removed by is thread..nect time put in stick"all things ebay" thanks