Gentlemens Savile Row suits

Attention all Gentlemen!
Captain Hogspear currently has some top quality, Savile Row suits up for auction on eBay. These are bespoke made to measure suits which would have cost around the £4,000 mark originally to buy, So if you are lucky enough to have the same measurements as the Gent who purchased these, you could be picking yourself up a top quality bargain!
Go on, look like a proper English Gent, type Hogspear into eBay today and have a look. Or alternatively try for more vintage finds by the Captain himself.
First of all: Welcome. Please note that there is a Dapper Clothing thread where this would be well placed.
By the way, will you ship at cost or offer a discount for arrsers? (I often found your shipping costs somewhat higher than the usual.)
Again, welcome.

edited to add: my bad, should have pointed the anti-spamming policy out myself... :oops:
Hello, thanks for the reply. Glad you have had a look at Hogspear. We always welcome new customers!! Regarding postage, we always pass on as much of the saving that we have negotiated from parcelforce and will always be cheaper than over the counter at the Post Office. Having said that it would be worth paying a ridiculous postage charge to have a crack at these phenomenal suits!!!


Kit Reviewer
Hi Captain H,
ARRSE does not allow advertising unless cleared by the site administrators. Could you please speak to Good_CO or Bad_CO, thanks.


Kit Reviewer
No problem
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