Gentlemens Establishments

Discussion in 'The NAAFI Bar' started by feckemall, Feb 5, 2008.

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  1. Having spent too much money to reveal here in both lapdancing and 'massage' establishments, I feel somewhat qualified to form an opinion.

    Peter Stringfellows place is very good and I have yet to try the 1 hr private special to see exactly how special they are prepared to make it. Plus he is a really nice guy that hasn't forgotten his roots.

    Spearmint Rhino has a different delivery system which does appeal, with the girls in cocktail dresses. Much nicer and less cattle market style.

    As for massage parlours, London's are very expensive for what you get, whereas Manchester is fantastic. Visited a place in MCR where it was 40 quid for one or 70 quid for two, and it was a proper sesh with no time limits (not really necessary as with two it was never going to last that long). Blackpool on the other hand was disgusting and I would never recommend shagging howars there.

    What are the places you have visited and would you recommend or otherwise?
  2. Carpenters night club, Dubai :twisted: :twisted: :twisted:
  3. sportsmans nanyuki, just bag up first!!
  4. Tingle Tangles / Club Flair, Sennelager - if you like the women a bit rough :D
  5. Jasmine's in Herford anyone...
  6. The Hareem- near JHQ/Wildenrath......if you're desperate
    like coming back from the FI :D :D
  8. Rough and overpriced! Try the big eros centre in Halle Str, Hillebrand Str 10a (this address carries a government health warning as one of the girls is a blerk) or "An der Talle 37" in Paderborn. No lap dance but plenty of face sitting.
  9. I saw a picture of Peter Stringfellow the other day and while I am no professional hairdresser, I would say he had in fact forgotten his roots...

    Try Burke & Hare in Edinburgh's "pubic triangle". Once you have had your fill of braw sweaty fannies an'all, there are several decent pubs and restaurants within easy walking distance - allowing the map of Uganda on your boxers to dry in the bracing winds coming doun the Grassmarket...
  10. Raul's Rose Garden, Ladyville, Belize.

    If there is a prize for the best, What do I win?
  11. that my friend was a shiitehole...out of bounds when I was there due to aids scare 8O
  12. Even when it was in bounds it was an aids scare...I don't know of anyone who contracted Arse Injected Death Syndrome there but that place in (near) Nairobi was allegedly the locus for the first reported/detected British Army case...
  13. But you could get 4 birds, at the same time, all night, for 80 Belizian dollars, I needed lolly stick and an elastic band in the morning.

    I must admit the showers were a bit ropey
  14. The Metropolis, Bethnal Green. Cheap and cheerful
  15. Please tell me that Mrs Din and her two "lovely" daughters no longer run that admirable establishment?