Gentlemen.....we are at War leaked this 4 hours ago. I refrained from posting for OPSEC.

Cheers Red Sea Pedestrians

Good luck Guys, let's hope it all goes well
Just been talking with a bloke who used to do Oil stuff and some other "bits" in the region.

He's looking at the sandstorm , and he's concerned. He's not sure, but says it's called the "Shamal" lit: "North" . It's a wind that blows for 40 days, and it's hot as hell.

He says the current sandstorm might not be the Shamal, but it's not unknown for it to be early.

Something else he said.

Why aren't the Iraqi troops in Baghdad?
Well, if they're not in Barracks in Baghdad, and they're not on the streets?

....And Iraqi TV and some of the Arab stations are putting a lot of emphasis on the Gingwah Republican Guard bloke.What an evil looking bastard, I bet he eats babies.

I don't think they're going to leave them in mass formations, for the B-52's to ruin their collective day like last time.

If you were Saddam Hussein, and had charge of one of the most experienced "defensive" Army in the Middle East, and you had to fight a war against a more advanced enemy, possibly more numerous, how would you fight them?

A couple of set pieces, or would you go for a scorched earth and Partisan type fighting, or...

Would you look to the Russo-Finnish war for your example?

Anyway, come what may, he'll still get spanked :)
Oh hello....................would you be??

Lol - Good answer Vermin. Iraqi TV have been having lots of propoganda tonight, of parades and the like, and some disturbing images of pre-prepared defenses being opened out again, but that's about all.....

Maybe they all legged it?


Well, if they're not in Barracks in Baghdad, and they're not on the streets?

Sky news did report that they had seen soldiers on the street in Baggas at  2013z. Maybe they've had 2nd thoughts.


The biggest peace protest you'll find now is in some grotty aldershot guardroom sharing a spitty little roll up and a copy of razzle.
Story on the attack changing rapidly, to "we knew all about it"

Which wasn't the story at half past silly o'clock this morning

Still, I long ago gave up believing Hoon.

Did anyone else see the "Combat Identification Systems" the Journo's have been issued with?

................ Thermal Stickers...............

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