Gentle Skin Tips

this sounds stupid but....are we allowed to take a balaclava on exercise with us to sleep in ? (what little sleep we get.) because my face skin is quite sensitive and doesn't handle the cold as well as i'd like. just a yes or no will do, i already know it sounds gay/silly, and i need to kill myself etc.
any one help this guy??
man up fag.............
A wise man once told me that any twat can be cold.

Stick your balaclava in your bergan/webbing/whatever and stick in on when your in your grot. Rip it off when your awoken by DS. I doubt anyone will even notice, and if they do and don't like it you'll end up with press ups a bit of piss taking and then life goes on! (I guess!)
Wankers abound at the moment; I've half a mind to start a Knob of the Week thread.

That'll show 'em, they'll be sorry then.
Lanoline. .
That's a bad thing?
I've been trying to get the essence of Welshness down to a sexy fragrance, trouble is, you can't get rid of the smell of sheepshit, ever.
I just breathe through my mouth, I can't smell anything then. Stops me calling for Mother, too.
OK then, how about tallow, does that get Indians going?
it's fine i did prepare for a grilling, but be fair. the only reason i asked is because IF you CAN wear one then WHY NOT? if you can't then i don't give a shit i'll just fucking man up won't i. so you've never been a civvie cunt then germlin?

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