Gentle Reminder - if needed - Vote for Tommy Atkins

Discussion in 'Current Affairs, News and Analysis' started by lsquared, Nov 14, 2006.

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  1. Referring to the Phantom's post on 9 November, the closing date for voting for Tommy Atkins in the Great Britons Awards is 24 November.
    The link is:
    Voting is simple, even I did it!
    Let's have a real hero this year not a popstar or footballer.
  2. Much though I applaud the thought, a vote for Tommy Atkins will be disqualified.

    If you're going to vote for a military figure, pick an individual, Gen Dannett, maybe.

  3. Thanks PassingBells, General Dannett it will be.
  4. Everyone I know has voted for Tommy! he must get mentioned in despatches at least!
  5. Nice to think so, but you had better tell everyone you know to vote for a real live person.

  6. Bad CO

    Bad CO LE Admin Reviews Editor Gallery Guru

    BTW - I hear a "rumour" that they have had masses of votes for Tommy and are having second thoughts about their criteria. Almost certainly if enough people continue to vote .... or phone this could be swung round .......
  7. Damn, you mean that we may be living in a democracy after all.
  8. I've just voted, here's what I said:

    Not great I know and I'm pretty sure they'll disqualify this nomination but what the hell! :wink:
  9. Bad CO

    Bad CO LE Admin Reviews Editor Gallery Guru

  11. I voted for the British Tommy!

    Living individual - there are thousands of us.
  12. Name "Tommy atkins"

    Role "Public Life"

    Activity "Putting his life on the line for others for no personal gain. Sacrificing his family life for others, for no personal gain. Standing up and being counted. Choosing a hard life when we have it easy."

    because he's a bloody fine bloke and has actually earned it...
  13. I did think of voting for Corporal Wright, but have been swung by the arguements - Tommy Atkins it is
  14. Have you seen the list of nominations in the public life category?

    Ray Lewis - Ran a community project for black kids in London. Who?
    Torquil Norman - Renovated the Roundhouse venue. Who?
    Andrew Morish - Ran a school in London. Who?
    Sir Michael Marmot - Chair of a WHO commission. Who?
    Sir Steve Redgrave - Sportsman. Should be in the sports category surely?
    Sir Jonathon Porrit - Chairman of the Sustainable Development Commission. Who?
    David Walliams - Comedian. Should be in the Arts category?
    Sir Jonathon Miller - A scientist, physician, director, television presenter, writer, film-maker and, more recently, a sculptor. Arts category again?
    James Reynolds - BBC Correspondent - Who?

    Hardly an outstanding bunch are they?
    You do wonder who they had to bribe to be nominated for a honour, or is it only politicians that take bribes?