Gentle giant or Genital giant..

Discussion in 'The NAAFI Bar' started by detmold_padbrat, Jul 1, 2010.

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  1. arrsemaidens.. what is the best quality in a bloke ? answers on a postcard etc etc..
  2. A 12" tongue, and the ability to breathe through his ears.
  3. The ability to drink enough alcohol required to make said arrsemaiden attractive, and still be able to get it up/not pass out
  4. The ability to grandslam the bed at 0400hrs, and pass a BFT at 0700hrs.
  5. Sounds like someone has some insecurity issues.
  6. Who said you could have a lie in? Sleeping is cheating and it is your round. Cheeky vimtos. Pints. Go on.
  7. A huge wallet, no backbone, and a liking for pastels.
  8. Women want:

    Peter North in the bedroom

    Gordon Ramsay in the kitchen

    Alan Titchmarsh in the garden

    Super nanny for the kids

    Jenson Button in the car

    Kick Knowles for DIY

    Bill Gates for technical issues

    Donald Trump for Birthdays/Christmas and any other time they feel they should be given something.

    Unfortunately for my other half, I have managed to get the above list mixed up a little bit. Sadly, Peter North is absolutely sh*t thick when it comes to computers.
  9. What's a Peter North?
  10. FFS it's a...............................................Oooooh you little scamp, you nearly got me.
  11. A badger :? A shed :?
  12. Do some research, it's really not that complicated. If I'd said Ron Jeremy would you have been as confused?
  13. Er, yes. Do you mean a John Holmes?
  14. A wallet full of credit cards.
  15. Yes, why not. The only man ever to appear in porn John Holmes.

    Surely men of experience such as yourselves have heard of the legendary swordsmanship of Messrs North and Jeremy? Never mind your Neil Armstrongs and Martin Luther Kings, these are the real heroes.