Gentex vs Mk 7

Discussion in 'Weapons, Equipment & Rations' started by imedic, Feb 11, 2012.

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  1. I'm off on H17 and one of the lads I work with has recommended I get my hands on a Gentex helmet as it offers better protection than the issued lid and is more comfortable to wear. I'm fairly sure I've got a Mk 6a at the moment (It's black if that helps) and I presume we'll be getting issued mk 7s some time during MST. Just wondering if it's worth forking out a bit for a better helmet or just using whats given.


    (Im not 100% sure what model the Gentex one is - I think it may be the one issued to the lads at SFSG)
  2. Stick with the issued helmet.
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  3. If it was something a bit more low profile you might get away with it. But as it gets stuck on your head, you will rapidly get told to wear the issue helmet and stop being a bellwhiff.
  4. You won't be allowed to wear a Gentex. The Mk7 is a good lid, big improvement on the 6 and 6A.
  5. $900 gets you a re-furbed Gentex. I doubt any one would pick you up on it.
  6. If you want to invalidate all your life insurance then carry on.
  7. Green is Mk6, Black is Mk6a, Yellow is Mk7.
  8. Get one of these and see if you can use the force on the Taliban.

  9. Mine is sandy coloured...
  10. Looks like sticking with the issued goods is the way to go. That said, the UK does issue their own version of ACH/MICH (not sure exact make) to the lads at SFSG. The only reason I know this is that my friend was issued his while he was up there and he recommended it over my current helmet.
  11. There are 3 items that I am sure you are not allowed to wear non issue versions off, helmet, body armour and eye protection. Funnily all the kit that might save your life ( or eye sight) if it goes bad.

    The last thing the MOD is going to do is let you wear your own PPE then wait for your family to take them to court when it goes wrong.
  12. Recommendation or not, you are not allowed to wear Gentex unless issued with it. Also don't put scrim or tape on your helmet as you'll die on your first patrol according to the boffins at the MoD.
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  13. It's a proven fact, that's why 3 Para aren't doing another tour of Afghan, only a handful made it back last time due to helmet scrim!
  14. Why dont you do both.....wear the free issued MK7 when you go outside the wire. Then when ever your in BASTION, whip out the Gentex, roll up your sleeves half way up your forearms and wear some civvy Brasher walking boots and you will fit right in at bottom end of camp!
  15. Where have you had it?