Genocide in Libya – “El-Qaddafi the Butcher”

Discussion in 'Syria, Mali, Libya, Middle East & North Africa' started by Emsav, Mar 5, 2011.

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  1. Very rarely do I start a thread – but this is different, I make an impassioned plea to you all on behalf of those dying needlessly in Libya. Although I am only the wife of a retired French naval commander, so think of me as you will, – I am a humanitarian. I speak out vociferously – against the wrongs I see perpetrated by those that supposed to lead by example. Yes, I have made my feelings known to those that matter in my own country – full-blast….. Even my president has been sent an e-mail, as has Alain Juppe, my foreign minister. Yes, both have acknowledged my concerns. Now everyone but everyone has got to stand up and make their voices heard – this slaughter must stop – STOP NOW!! In the past hours many reputable news agencies on the ground in Libya have reported that troops “loyal” to this evil man have opened fire on defenceless, unarmed women and children with tanks, anti-aircraft guns, rocket-propelled grenades and machine-guns. These poor people are being slaughtered because they protest – their corpses hidden in an attempt to cover these heinous crimes against humanity – THIS IS GENOCIDE and the world looks on - doing nothing. We should be ashamed of ourselves – we have blood of innocents on our hands…….

    I say to everyone “enough is enough” – the world cannot continue to sit back and watch this mindless, mind-numbing slaughter. We must act now, bombard your political leaders – tell them they must act. By doing nothing and wringing their hands, people are dying needlessly and they are condoning the actions of this butcher – if, to stop this meaningless slaughter means military targets are hit by NATO forces – so be it – somehow this slaughter has got to stop – stop NOW. If the butcher El-Qaddafi has no respect for life, NATO & UN leaders should have no respect for his life. The UN & NATO forces should be allowed to act now on humanitarian grounds to save countless lives – with or without a mandate.

    I am sorry, but there is only one answer – El-Qaddafi MUST be removed – either dead or alive – he is a dictator of the worst kind who is saying to his people “Support me or DIE”. If alive he MUST face the consequences of his actions before an international court.

    Please discuss dear friends - make your voices heard

  2. that you?
  3. Giggidy. Any pictures or can we let our imaginations do the heavy lifting?
  4. The World has watched slaughter before and done nothing. It is for the Libyans to run their country. I'm all for the Chinese approach - mind your own business. And, being the wife of a French military person, I take it that you have enlisted support on le rectum or whatever the frog equivalent of this mighty organ is.

    There that's got the slow Saturday afternoon outrage started.
  5. Nice one carrots
  6. sorry, i think all our units are busy...... have you heard of afghanistan?
  7. I reckon you're a Met Police officer giving evidence
  8. Nah, she's the real slim shady.

    Of course she's French, if she was a Brit bird the word 'slim' would have no place in that sentence.
  9. There are numerous countries who repress and slaughter their own citizens. I don't remember any no fly zone imposed over China after the Tianeman Square massacre. Nothing in Zimbabwe, nothing in Iran. Why go risk European lives when not so long ago, they were burning the flags of those countries ?

    Leave them alone and they will sort it out themselves. There is an Arabic saying which sums it all up - it is the will of Allah.
  10. Looks like Emsav has left us to it and gone for a pastis to help solve the World's problems.
  11. Libyans killing other Libyans? NHI: No Humans Involved.

    Grab the jumbo sized bag of Peanut M&M's, get the beer out of the fridge and enjoy the show.:excited:
  12. Is this a copy and paste from an American Conservative blog, circa 2002, demanding we do something about Saddam?

    I'm a humanitarian because I only want to kill to 'save' lives and I only want to kill after somebody else started it.

    Are you sure you didn't just replace Saddam with El-Qaddafi?
  13. "Emsav" please save your pity for something more worthwhile, are you totally forgetting what happened in Iraq, Afghanistan and Kosovo when the West sent troops to help the poor defenceless populus? It has, and is still, being used as an excuse by all the hard line jihadists to attack the West! You only have to look at the gratitude of the Muslim Albanian Kosovan yesterday in Frankfurt, Killing & wounding American troops in thanks for PROTECTING Kosovo from the Serbs (whose country Kosovo was)!
    Let the Arab Union or the African Union send troops if they wish, (dont hold your breath)! We MUST NOT GET INVOLVED, any interference will be used as an excuse by all the Muslim hardliners worlwide as a further excuse to attack us (the West)! As I said on another thread, where were your sympathies when Mugabe ethnicaly cleansed Zimbabwe of Europeans & opposing tribes?
  14. No. I do not have the blood of any innocents on my hands.

    On the other hand, if 'we' go in guns ablaze to remove Gadaffi, we certainly will end up with innocent blood on 'our' hands.

    Have you learned nothing from Iraq?
  15. Not our problem, nothing to see here, move along, move along.

    As an aside has the original OP made the same appeal to the French?