Cold calls victim charges firms to call him- The Inquirer

ONE FED-UP Leeds resident has found a novel way to fight back against nuisance calls, buying his own premium rate number and charging the cold callers to phone him.
Lee Beaumont told BBC Radio 4 that he was getting annoyed with the number of unwanted calls he was receiving, especially annoying as he works from home and so is available 24/7 to be bothered.
He realised that if he could get his hands on his own premium rate number, "I could make a good chunk of money," Beaumont explained.
Realising his dreams was simple. He just typed "buy 0871 phone number" into Google, and found a deal for £10+VAT with no monthly cost. Beaumont now uses this 0871 number whenever he's filling in applications online or changing utility suppliers, and nine out of 10 times, the firms accept the number. He only gives out his normal Leeds number for family and friends.
It costs callers 10 pence to contact Beaumont, of which he receives seven pence. The £10 investment has made Beaumont just over £300 since he started using the 0871 number in 2011, and he's seen a reduction in annoying calls from up to 30 per month, to around 16. Although he told Radio 4 that he actually wants people to call him now to make more cash, and actively gives out his number on Twitter in the hope of snaring more victims.
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