Discussion in 'Int Corps' started by combatintman, Sep 7, 2007.

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  1. Of Course the Pamphlet Says so - It Had an EOT Date (Unlike Many)

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  2. It was Sh1te in the First Place

  1. Ok here it is:

    GENFORCE was designed to run out...well a few years ago yet still it persists. Unfortunately the vaguely promising bits of it (ROWEN Pams) were phased out in favour of Mobile Forces and now even these have been watered down into a Pam that means fcuk all (Enemy Forces). Of course there is a promise that NATO will update the Pam....obviously too busy in IZand AFG to get on with it

    For those of us that don't remember the intricacies of GENFORCE Mobile Forces (the chosen enemy) I will remind you that any CA Bn has an Arty Bn and an AD Bn under command. Some of the questions that drop out of it are quite simple:

    How does a Bn command 2 Bns?

    How can we make Phase 2 trainees understand this?

    Why are we as a Corps unable to grasp the nettle and rewrite this??

    So what should we have as an enemy of choice?
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  3. If this is like Neu Arbeit does that mean that the pamphlet would only have 3 pages of ORBATs and no warfighting doctrine because NuGenFor would be on Ops all the time?

    Rhetorical question - I was thinking Blue there. Apologies - coat being collected now.
  4. I tell you what, if it ever gets out that GenFor was the same as Redfor we will all be in trouble! Good job old Putin isn;t interested in resurrecting the cold war: What;s that read the telegraph? nah can;t be true!!
  5. Which in my experience will be a load of retired Cols who will simply photocopy a GENFOR Pamphlet and charge £40,000 a week for doing so.

    Also a TERRYFOR pam is not required - all pretty much of a muchness small groups, short-ranged weapons (less the odd MANPAD) - ambushes etc - unless of course GENFOR authors get a second go and we'll get two or three huge pamphlets with a large degree of to$$. But ffs will somebody in the Corps please consign the current iteration of GENFOR to history.
  6. Ok most will agree it is 5h1te, however I think you need to recognise that the teaching of military doctrine requires that you have something that represents enemy capability to train with.

    It's all v well criticising, but I would think that a more constructive solution is required to put this naughty little puppy back in it's basket?
  7. how about teaching insurgent TTPs then? I would love to hear from anyone that thinks Terry doesn't have them.
  8. I remeber when GENFOR was being "developed"-my mucker-a name well respected in those parts said forget it and just use your remebered GSFG/WGF orbats as they were "close enough for government work".As indeed they were when finally bothered to look later on
  9. Have been doing quite a bit of work with genfor over the last week, so really glad this thread came up.

    It's bollocks!
  10. Don't you go changing my posts!

    If I say it's ballocks, it's ballocks - not balls

  11. I agree a training vehicle is required which goes back to my original post - you'll probably struggle to find any real army in the world that has bns under the command of bns a la CA MR Bn and CA Tk Bn ergo it's a w@nk training tool.

    As to criticism - these things aren't hard to write - I've written loads in my time.
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  13. Whiskeybreath

    You're right they have missed out the ZSU 57 X 2 in the Tank Regiment, you will probably need to let them have the slides as well.
  14. it's funny - when people like eye-spy and myself joined, the wall had just come down and people started thinking "why are we still using soviet forces as a learning model." so they invented GENFOR (eventually).

    same discussion was had in subbsonic's time about Ze Germans, Glad's about the zulus, and when Rebel went through they all moaned about "why do we still have to learn how many trebuchets there are in one of Caesar's legions?" :D