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As a genetic modification of food skeptical opponents, supporters of genetically modified with the exchange of a few days later, on a slight understanding of their promotional strategies, so a brief summary of Seoul will be for people to laugh.

1. Clever lies, do not need to tell lies, as long as the truth can be a key part of withheld

For GM worldwide promotion, both positive and negative reports are endless. As a promoter of genetically modified who have their first strategy is the reality of the international promotion of the status of genetically modified collate and analyze its part of the show before the people and thus induce the formation of illusions.

For example wenjia983 post "U-turn: transgenic science knowledge", in regard to when the first strains of genetically modified crops appeared in the U.S., genetically modified soybeans and tomatoes when put into the U.S. market, there are many areas of the world's transgenic experiments, the number of farms and farmers In the continuous production of the transgenic crops are all given the exact data.

Under an ordinary Eighty per cent of have such ideas, "the original transgenic plant has the same scale, so many people around the world have been eating genetically modified foods, then China to promote genetically modified staple food should be no question it."

This is precisely the trap lies.

First, the post lists a lot of data, but these data are referred to the relevant data on transgenic experiments, rather than genetically modified staple food supply of the entire population as the relevant data.

Secondly, talking about genetically modified foods in the United States the situation, but no description of those already on the market of food sales. Because in the United States, everyone from the packaging clearly determine the immediate food in the end is not genetically modified, which is the U.S. food sales to rigid rules. Therefore, these genetically modified foods anyone will Chine? Wenjia983 did not say, we naturally also unclear.

Once again, in the United States, Brazil, two in the world's largest country planting GM crops are big countries livestock, and are vigorously promoting bio-energy projects. As far as I grasp the information, genetically modified crops in these two countries the greatest place for livestock feed and as raw material for fuel ethanol, and only very few parts to enter the field of food circulation. However, this transgenic promoter and no one seemed to mention.

Finally, if the United States really are people who eat large quantities of genetically modified foods, then, the United States developed the business environment, as long as their long-term observations, it can be complete, to prove their advantages and disadvantages of experimental data. Such a data, whether it is for the U.S. development of genetically modified crops, many large companies, or the GM for China in terms of both promoters can be said to subdue all the opponents of the weapon, there is absolutely advantageous. But why such a thing, and now nobody can see it? Is a major United States companies refuse to do such experiments? Or American consumers refused to eat this food? Have eaten genetically modified foods, or obtained after the data on transgenic food safety problems, so until such information has not been made public?

2. "I said, you do not believe, but you should always believe in science, the letter experts, government officials believed the letter to foreign authorities bar!"

For the promoters who mentioned a variety of reasons, readers are believed to naturally do not believe, do not believe those who, naturally skeptical. How to get them to lay down their minds then? It does not matter, we have the backing! Ask you to trust the authorities!

For example, many supporters in the Posts in the reference to "10 academicians, Zhang academicians, XX officials, the European Union a certain authority", etc. patron after another. In the promotion of the mouth, layer upon layer upon layer of various test methods, as some pure water, the advertisement said, "XX layer of protection, your mind at ease," the same.

But they missed the point, turn genes of crops, or had the kind of crops?

In biology, the definition of a species, the most important sign is the ecological niche. Simply, is a species in the ecological environment, the location and the role of.

To a tree for an analogy, the original roots of rice is to rice-eating insects in mice is a fallen tree trunks and bark, then as a variety of insect-eating animals, rats This tree is the branches and leaves. In this system, rice is the location of its niche, the definition of rice is also an important symbol of this species. However, genetically modified, "Rice", it has been the exclusion of insects, so they are no longer adapted to the original niche. So also when the use of non-genetically modified species name to call it, it is a bit reluctantly, from a biological point of view that it should be a manual produced by a new species!

Ever since the problem has arisen, for the man produced a new species, but identification of professional bodies, or against its original form, which is not genetically modified crops before the standards and methods. This test is really able to explain "man-made species" of security?

Of course, if brick house you do not trust you exclude foreign institutions to promote the book on those who would use scientific knowledge to convince you. "You see, books, said that GM is safe, so it is safe."

But these claims to study science and scientific promoter has chosen to forget that scientific experiments are a vital part of science! Any theory, after all, must be tested under the experiment before the adoption!

Today, all the world's authorities and organizations, do not have a test for the interim report of transgenic, mice were made up only one kind or another experiment. However, after all, mice are not people who cook thousand years even in the mice experiments, it can not prove that GM foods are safe to use in the human body this issue. Of course, a certain fellow had been released before the media pronouncements, he said he had been eating genetically modified foods, then why not the Academy of Sciences during his own record of eating? It is very important evidence, but oh.

Therefore, only after a large number of experimenters of all ages, long-term follow-up observations of its large number of eating and physical condition, then prove that the reaction does not have any unhealthy in order to prove the safety of genetically modified foods!

3. = = Science and technology in national development of transgenic technology development = to eat genetically modified food

In the mouth of transgenic supporters, there is an unavoidable part of the strange logic there.

As a Chinese, in essence, is certainly hoped that the national development and national rejuvenation. GM supporters also hold high the flag, but their logic is that there is a strong induced, see:

(1) genetically modified is a new technology, so you want to revitalize the country, the pursuit of scientific and technological progress, it is necessary to support the development of transgenic technology

(2) want to develop genetically modified, they must find a market for genetically modified crops, or GM technology because of lack of funds to support the abortive

(3) With population growth, the country's food problems are becoming increasingly serious in China because there was no food in order to avoid falling into the Great Famine, therefore, strive to enhance food production!

(4) As a result, the development of genetically modified staple food, not only to solve the people's food problem, but also provided funding for technology development can be described as benefits the country.

In fact, the support has been the last a conclusion on two premises, namely, "food crisis" and "non-staple food of genetically unable to profit" are downright false proposition.

First, let me food crisis.

First of all, China's population is indeed in constant growth, the demand for food is also growing, but this growth is not unlimited. With the deepening of the implementation of family planning policy in China's large and medium cities, the population growth rate has been greater control, especially in some of the most developed cities (Beijing, Shanghai, Guangzhou), the residence has become a negative growth of population state of the.

Second, China is to maintain the total amount of 14.4 million mu of cultivated land, of which the proportion of grain planting area is not large, if there is food shortage will naturally have had to switch cash crops farmers grow food to solve the food problem .

Finally, as scientific and technological development, the emerging model of agriculture - Space Agriculture has begun to appear in China. This emerging model of agriculture to make an image of the analogy is to traditional agriculture's "backyard" into the artificial environment can be controlled under the "captive" If interested in friends, your own to the Baidu search related information.

Let me talk about the issue of GM's profits.

In this regard, transgenic most technologically advanced United States and the largest area of transgenic crops in Brazil is how to do it? Before, I have already said, they are these genetically modified crops as feed, or manufacture of bio-energy, raw materials, such as profit means, in a foreign country do the same in China, do not work?

It can be seen, whether it is from the "switch to provide information to support the development of gene technology" or "to solve the future of China's food crisis" in two areas, and vigorously promote genetically modified staple food-oriented, are not what the inevitable choice.

4. "An objector, you are selling pesticides! Greenpeace! Fanatical extreme left!"

In fact, this part, I do not want to say anything more. Because in the paste bar where the debate on genetically modified supporters a few days, I have from an ordinary electrical company employees, the first "hurdles" to the pesticide companies, and then inexplicable "has become" a member of Greenpeace. It can be seen, however, this may be supporters of Reciprocity for the idea.

Said in front of so many, in fact, I do not want readers to believe anything, I just hope that all who read this text, in the face of genetically modified staple food, when more than a wariness. Since so much controversy of genetically modified, why not temporarily Gaozuo mountain ridges, and so a few years later, genetically modified staple food is really being cheated by some person or bad, the security whether or not we shall discover.

Oh, also missed one, if the GM supporters argue, in theory, but you morally, they will tear off a gentleman's vest, in exchange for their own rogue leather, and then began to set fire to bar. Anyway, I said, but you will not let you say.

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