Discussion in 'Sick Jokes' started by PVR4ME, Jun 8, 2012.

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  1. In TK MAX today when I saw a downs syndrom guy taking a pair of jeans to try on. I tapped him on the shoulder and said. 'Hey you greedy twat, you've got enough genes already'
  2. Did your mum slap you for talking to your dad like that?
  3. Its taken 6 months since your last post to come up with that and your 7th post in 3 years, one of which was a thaladimide joke.

    Go back to lurking you chopper!!
  4. Diahorrea is hereditory ..... it runs in your jeans.

  5. Whats going on with your posts? Ie the script thingymujigum at the bottom?
  6. What were you banned for?
  7. Why does it say reset by peer then?
  8. Questions, so many questions....
  9. I can see your avatar on my phone.
  10. 3123

    You cheeky cunt, your brasses were in clip and your best boots looked like you'd come straight from working on a 432. Yet you still have time to come on here and kick back ? Thats it - not only will you be in 2s at 0600 but i have it on good authority that even the Gurkhas in the MPGS are gonna thrash you round the piano for good measure.
  12. 3123__ was delete[] (banned: <3123__> permanent ban)//adminlog:137/(reason: infraction)//.reset by peer// IPv4://[/QUOTE]

    Its really strange - can you see the above text ? Its on your postings on this thread. What could it mean ?
  13. Ahh those romantic days of the mobile bath unit ...
  14. I feel like Kate Winslett. 'Jack, come back'
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  15. You're alive Jack.