generic risk assesments for walking and climbing?

Discussion in 'ACF' started by massivegeoff, Jun 22, 2008.

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  1. do these exist? don't fancy starting fromscratch, and SOMEONE must have done one already. i just don't really see the need to reinvent the wheel for a spot of rambling in the lakes!

    where do i get hold of them? i suppose i could go through my county AT officer, but as my other post says, i have no idea what's happened to him! :cry:
  2. Massive,

    I used to take people to the Black Mountains for team building exercises. I still organise trips for Pony Trekking weekends.

    You must conduct a complete risk assessment, as I do for all activities. If you do not, and it goes wrong, so be it.

    Before we leave the yard we have to assess the weather and the route we will take. We also make arrangements for hot food at the pubs we may need to visit.

    If you lose one person you will be stuffed for a lifetime.

  3. Pm me with your email address and i can send you a RA.

  4. We have just raised what is called an EASP (Emergency Accident Safety Plan) for an AT exped on a Military Trg Area, is this the same thing as it contains risk assesments, standing orders etc?