Generic Mess Dress for all WOs and SNCOs!!

Discussion in 'Seniors' started by Filbert Fox, Dec 7, 2006.

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  1. I see that its being banded around that the Army have finally paid some attention to providing financial assistance towards the cost of Mess Dress on promotion to Sgt (as already happens to Officers upon commissioning).

    However..... rather than give a grant ala the Officers clothing allowance, they are looking at a generic Seniors Mess Dress in which we would all wear the same outfit regardless of regt or Corps and the only differences would be in badges and collar dogs!

    A good idea or just another attempt at watering down the traditions and standards of the Warrant Officers and Senior NCOs Mess?
    Yet another nail in the coffin of Corps and Regt ethos?

  2. Another nail in the coffin for me. We would end up looking like the RAF.
  3. Id be surprised if the grant for Officers Mess dress lives much longer.
    At the end of the day Mess Kit is not an officially issued uniform. Dont look a gift horse in the mouth.

    Your option is to continue to pay for it yourselves. You may prefer to do so in order to maintain the traditions of your Regiment and I would think better of you if you did.
  4. I would rather pay for it myself than get it off the peg and look like a bag of shite, have you ever been to a RAF or RN Regt dinner? fcuk me everyone looks identical, very dull!
  5. How about mess dress being produced by unit tailor/esses, basic costs borne by the recipient rather than the over inflated prices set by civilian companies that know it is a necessity.
  6. It takes 2 weeks just to get a TRF sown on, let alone a full bloody mess dress with fittings
  7. I think keeping individual mess dresses would be better but is there not a possibility of getting the VAT back on them? Anyway if it was decided to have a generic mess dress imagine the size of the committee and the arguments that would go on until it was finalised!
  8. I dont think that its necessarilly the fact that the Mess Kit costs so much, its the fact that Officers will still have Corps/Regt specific Mess Dress paid for by the tax payer while the Seniors, whose mess has far more traditions than that of the Officers Mess (I am in a postion where I use both Messes) would have to make do with wearing the same as every other senior NCO in the Army regardless of Cap Badge, watering down the Mess and making the Officers Mess a more elitist club.
    one mess you have to earn your way into and the other anyone can join (dont go down the Sandhurst route, there are PQOs who wouldnt get into the local pub who are members of the officers mess!)
  9. looks like we are going down the No 2's route, where everyone will look the same, you will not know which regt/corps they are in until you look at there collar dogs
  10. Even tax relief would be better than nothing. Generic mess dress would take away identity and give the bean counters another excuse to try and combine messes.
  11. without lots of gold and silver embroided bits -half of pakistan will be unemployed..
  12. Make no mistake....for better or for worse...It's coming!
  13. Tradition must be upheld surely?

    Agree they are too pricey but a good one will last a good number years, despite the amount of booze spilt down it.
  14. its true they do last for years 23 -i only bought one --dint fit me properly but to get plastered in who cares.
  15. Ditto!!