Generic Army Insight Course?

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I have a three day insight course on Tuesday (sadly at Okehampton, only just left Dartmoor a few hours ago from Ten Tors training don't fancy seeing it again quite so quickly) and am a little confused on what to bring as the paper work has no kit list.
Not long back I was due to go on the same course. Unfortunately Dartmoor being Dartmoor the weather was shite and it was canceled. Only it was five days long and the paper work did have a kit list.
Should I just use the kit and equipment from the old list or get onto my recruiter on the Monday?

Also it would be great to get in touch with any other lads/lasses on the course?
I think you hit on the answer with contacting your recruiter. Best of luck

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Alright cheers,
I'll get on the line to him tomorrow and if not i'll just wear what the other list states as the courses are the same this one just shorter
hi.. I will have to go through that GAIC too soon... what exactly is that? I am still waiting for more info, my recruiter will get in touch with me, but I am curious....i'l check the armt website and youtube too..
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