Generation Kill

Discussion in 'Multinational HQ' started by frenchie, Jan 23, 2007.

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  1. Has anyone else read Generation Kill by Ewan Wright?

    He embedded himself with Bravo Coy of the First Recon, MEF during the Iraq war. Half way through and its made an interesting read.
  2. I've read it too, an excellent book, very 'warts and all'.
  3. Read it a while ago. Pretty honest and straightforward.
    Well written, too. I liked it. I was quite shocked at the discription of some of the officers on that unit.... and these guys are part of an 'elite within an elite'...

    Impressive stuff how they all kept going through town after town, though...
    Good read.
  4. I read it, thought it was great, lent it to my mate, he read it and thought it so good that he never gave it back... :frustrated:

    WTF is 'Ripped Fuel' anyway? :cyclopsani:

    The thing about the unit is that it was supposed to operateas small units of Marines doing sneaky-beaky type stuff whilst the officers stayed in the rear, but it ended up being used as a sort of light cavalry regiment, charging en masse into danger zones :headbang:
  5. An ephedrin based dietary supplement I think.
  6. while the book is a nice read, USMC chaps that i have talked to have said over and over again that folks reading that book need to add a pinch of salt. The writer took quite a few "artistic liberties" with the stories.
  7. The level of accuracy described by the author when fireing from moving vehicles is a bit over the top I felt. A pretty good read though with no gung-ho as would have been added in a work of fiction.
  8. The platoon commander in Generation Kill, Nathaniel Fick, has written a memoir of his Marine Corps service, called One Bullet Away. Supposed to be worth reading.