Generation Kill on tv tonight.

Saw a review for this yesterday. Looks well produced, and got a good review. Some of the people in the prgramme are Marines in real life, so may have some realism?


War Hero
I read the book years ago; I remember it being pretty good, though without anything particularly unexpected. Should be worth watching.


War Hero
Not sure what the film treatment is going to be like but it's interesting to read Generation Kill and One Bullet Away as a pair. It can't be too often that you get books written by the embedded journalist and the platoon commander.

The different points of view on the same actions are worthwhile.
Looks quality, just that its made by two people involved in the Wire should ensure that. Got alot of time for the Yanks, the amount of losses they used to (and probably still do) take in Baghdad was unbelievable, yet used to just crack on with it regardless. Can remember talking to a couple of blokes in the US Embassy and their brigade had done 12 months and was all packed up to go home, waiting at the airport for their flight when the message came through that due to ops they had to turn round and get back to their base because their tour had just been extended by 6 months. Didn't hear anybody complaining.... could you imagine our lot in their situation?

Although before I get too carried away with praise for them, can also remember a Yank asking me where I was from. Bearing in mind I was in an entirely different uniform to him, on hearing my reply of "England", he said back to me "New England?" with a puzzled look on his face.
Read the book, and "one Bullet Away" both about the same unit, the bloke that plays sgt Rudy Reyes is exsgt Rudy Reyses
The-Lord-Flasheart said:
I saw a couple of episodes late last year and it seemed pretty good. Quite 'squaddie' amusing in places too.

You mean finally a fictional program about the military will show someones hand bag with a turd in it?