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Discussion in 'The NAAFI Bar' started by toffeewrapper1, May 17, 2012.

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  1. Some pillock is having a right bloody laugh.I am now seeing adverts for joining the Royal Marine Commandos.Not that theres anything wrong with them,its more a wrong with me thing.Being a lazy bastard now and not even running a bath let alone running a bft/cft or whatever they are called now,there is as much chance of me joining up again as there is of me being invited to bed share with Heidi Klum and Baby Spice.
  2. Makes a change from some munters chasing squaddie cock.

    Oh hang on............
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  3. I keep getting the "Adult dating and no strings attached" ad.

    I was going to say more but I think I best keep quiet.
  4. Funny enough that's what I keep getting....
  5. I get Fillipinas in Dubai and International Muslim Matrimonials! So think yourself lucky
  6. Yeah I keep getting that too. Er, is that your pic ....?

    I am also getting ads for Vietnam dating websites and I have to say that anyone who needs to used a dating site over here is Qasimodos grandfather.
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  7. I have had the ads for the asian girls and muslim dating too. For the record I am as far removed from being asian or muslim as possible (thank fuck in the case of the latter)
  8. I keep getting the one with the young girl who lost lots of weight. She didn't need to, she's rather lovely in the before and after pics!
  9. But ..... dont you have shiny black hair, cute boobs and ... and... uh oh back later :oops:
  10. Errrrr yes of course I do.......ummmmmmm.....maybe.....not
  11. They all look cute when affixed to a sex swing with rope and gagged with harry maskers while pleading with you with eyes Bambi would be jealous of.
  12. Sadly Nursey admitted on another thread to being the kind of Psych Nurse who sits on loonies' heads while the dart gun is dug out, so she is probably what my Grandmother would have called "a fine girl" aka built like a horse marine.
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  13. I keep getting this.

    Should I be worried what I'm looking at?

    bum wash.jpg
  14. Yeah well that's foreplay you are talking about there, it's only half the story though.

    I have a mate with a pig farm for disposing of the leftovers, what's your modus?
  15. I tend to get adverts for The Carphone Whorehouse and dating the Muzzies.

    Some of the muslim birds in the ad arent too bad either, I'd gladly run my fingers through their back hair........